The Kidnapper’s Word by E.J. Wood – Blog Tour

Today I am so excited to be reviewing The Kidnapper’s Word and published by Question Mark Press. Thank you to Zoe-Lee from for organising this tour and to E.J. Wood and Question Mark Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.



When nine year old Emily disappears, Detective Chief Inspector Clarence Landon knows time isn’t on his side.

It’s the 1960s. Child abductions are rare.

Her mother, Ava blames herself. What mother would leave their child alone?

Behind twitching curtains, an unsettling truth of what happened is revealed. A story of family secrets and a chilling tale of deception is unravelled.

What would you be capable of when pushed to your limits?

My Thoughts

A parent’s worst nightmare!!  Nip to a dinner over at the neighbours after your child is in bed for the night (it is set in the 60s) and find her gone when you return a few hours later without a trace of evidence or clues.  This is exactly what happens to Ava’s daughter Emily and it’s down to DC Landon and DC Burke to solve the case and return Emily home safely. 

The Kidnapper’s Word is a fairly short introduction to a new detective team (Landon and Burke) and is made even more tense by the fact that DC Landon is Ava’s partner.  Delivered in short, punchy chapters that move at a very quick pace, it had me on the edge of my seat, surprising me constantly until the very end. 

Being set in the 60’s gives this novel an amazing atmosphere.  I spent a lot of time coming to terms with the fact the mother had left the child alone and that was actually quite a common occurrence back then.  I loved the difference in policing compared to novels set in the modern day with technology assistance. Fascinating!

Many of the characters are off – in my opinion they aren’t the most likeable but I think this is very purposeful, making it difficult to know who to trust and where to cast suspicions.  My thoughts were constantly changing and in no way was I prepared for the ending!

This is a great introduction to a new detective team.        

Author Bio – E. J. Wood

She’s just a storyteller!

E.J. Wood is a thriller writer from England.

Although British born, she now resides in Spain, speaks English, and Spanish, and is currently learning German.

Follow her at:



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