A blog about the things I am passionate about and the small adventures in my life.

I am not a writer by trade  but more and more I find myself thinking about writing about certain things that I think about or experience daily.  The hectic nature of my life easily gave me the title for this blog as I wanted to write about a variety of things, rather than just one area.  I am a mum of 2 (a boy who has a diagnosis of ASD) and a girl (recently adopted), a teacher   and SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator), a wife, a basketball fan, an avid reader and a collector of handbags.  As I have random ramblings on many of these things I decided to write them down.  I would like to think that they had been read by someone out there and that it’s possible that one individual may recognise something parallel to their own lives.


  1. The title sucked me in. I often use that expression that it is like herding cats when situations and groups of people lack focus. My own cat is currently hiding under the bed and being anti-social. I am trying to reinvigorate my writing career and find inspiration by wandering through the blogger sphere where I found you. Really great blog.

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