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On behalf of Zoe at and Joel Hames, I am excited and honoured today to be reviewing The Lies I Tell. Thank you to Spellbound Books and Joel Hames for a copy of this novel in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.




From the bestselling author of Dead North, a tense, claustrophobic psychological thriller perfect for fans of Lucy Foley, Claire McGowan and Clare Mackintosh.

Meet Polly.
Meet Emily.
Meet Belinda.

They’re all me.

My name is Lisa and I’m an identity thief. If I’m not inside your system stealing your money, I’ve probably already stolen it. I’m your friend. I’m a thief. I’m gone. I’m in control.

Only now, the tables have been turned. I’m in danger. My son is in danger. And I don’t know where that danger’s coming from.

Any friend.
Any enemy.
Any stranger.
Anyone from the past I’ve been trying to outrun for years.


My Thoughts

The Lies I Tell is an edgy, modern thriller and it would work so well as a film.  It’s an edge of your seat read with short, snappy chapter and told across two timelines, get ready for a thrilling ride.

The dual timeline worked really well in this novel as it gives the reader the intense experience of the current events in Lisa’s life but provides a background to the character which really brings her to life.

In the present, the only genuine thing in Lisa’s life seems to be her relationship with her son.  She assumes many personas in order to scam her way through life.  But. Someone is playing her at her own game.  Someone who knows things from her past that nobody knows and Lisa needs to find out who it is before it’s too late and she looses her son and her freedom.   This is the pacey part, the bit that had me on the edge of my seat.  I was worried about not being able to keep track of all the different identities but there was no need.  There’s a handy guide at the front but to be honest, it’s so well written and cleverly explained that it’s really clear and easy to follow.  I enjoyed exploring all the different aspects of her character and despite her crimes, she’s very likable.

In the past we begin with ‘Lisa’s’ early life and journey with her up to 5 years before current events. This is such an emotional aspect of the book and really provides some thought-provoking insight into Lisa’s motives and behaviours.  Some of these chapters were brutal to read but really helped to build the tension and the character.

 The plot moves quickly, and I found myself being really suspicious of everyone and paranoid on Lisa’s behalf.  She’s quite a vulnerable character (more than she realises) and I felt very protective towards her. 

I became really immersed in this novel and loved the plot and the character development.   It’s a great thriller and I highly recommend it.

Author Bio – Joel Hames

A Londoner in exile, Joel Hames lives in rural Lancashire with his wife and two daughters.

His works of fiction include the bestselling Sam Williams trilogy Dead North, No One Will Hear and The Cold Years, and the standalone psychological thriller The Lies I Tell.

When not writing or spending time with his family, Joel likes to eat, cook, play the piano, and make up excuses to avoid walking the dog. There’s the MMA thing, too, but he doesn’t like to show off.

You can find out more about Joel and sign up to his mailing list through social media or his very own website:


Twitter: @joel_hames


Follow him at:



Amazon UK :

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