It Only Takes a Minute by Sasha Lane – Blog Tour

A huge thanks to Anne Cater for organising this tour and to Sasha Lane for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


What if you could live in a different country for four weeks?

What if you could live a different life for four weeks?

That’s what this was supposed to be. Four weeks of sun, sea, and cocktails.

I wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

Do I go back to my old life, or risk starting a brand new one?

Does that really happen in real life, or just in the movies?

Life can change in an instant though. After all, it only takes a minute…

My Thoughts

This is such a cute and fun novella and I enjoyed it so much.  I’m a sucker for travel romance so this one really hit the spot for me.  It contains everything I love in a romance book.  It’s a quick and easy one sitting read and is perfect for some escapism. It is my first taste of Sasha Lane but I am definitely going to be checking out more of her titles after this one.  

When Keira’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, she makes an impulsive decision to spend four weeks in sunny Portugal.  Thing is…..will she want to return to her everyday life at the end?

I loved visiting Portugal with Keira.  It’s a place I have never been but I felt as though I was experience it with Keira and through her eyes.  What I wouldn’t give to throw caution to the wind and take off for a month.

The chemistry between Keira and Dylan was really well written and I felt tense whilst I waited to find out their fate. 

This is such a fun book to read and my only complaint was that I could have read so much more about Keira and Dylan – I’d love it if this turned into a linked series somehow so we can follow up.    

Author Bio – Sasha Lane

Sasha Lane is known for her contemporary romance novels – they’re funny, relatable, and addictive.

Chick lit style with a hint of darkness.

Sasha says ‘I try to create characters that are everyday women so hopefully readers can find something about their personality or lifestyle that they can relate to and fall in love with them as much as I have while writing about them.

The idea behind my books is to show the challenges of everyday women trying to balance jobs/careers, with family, friends and relationships. It’s hard, and sometimes you have to laugh at yourself, which the main character, Emma, does, but I also wanted to show how important friendship is too at keeping us all sane!


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