Audiobook Review of The Girls by Bella Osborne – Blog Tour

A huge thanks to the author Bella Osborne and Danielle @_DanielleLouis_ for organising this tour and Ulverscroft Ltd for an audio copy of this novel in exchange for an unbiased review.


In the 1970s, the girls were best friends sharing a house and good times: Zara, the famous diva actor; Val, the uptight solicitor; Jackie, the wild child; and Pauline, the quirky introvert. Now they’re in their twilight years, and Zara suggests that they live with her to support each other through old age. 

Initially, being housemates again is just as much fun as in their heyday. But then Zara reveals the real reason she asked them to move in with her, and suddenly things take a sinister turn. 

As the women confront their demons, they come under the spotlight of the press, the police and an angry parrot. With their lives spiralling out of control, can they save their friendships and each other?

Link: The Girls (Audio Download): Bella Osborne, Julia Franklin, Isis Publishing Ltd: Audible Books & Originals

My Thoughts

The Girls follows a group of four women brought together by an old friend’s special birthday party whose lives are in need of something different or more.  When the famous and glamourous Zara contacts her friends from long ago it doesn’t take long for things to feel like they did all those years ago.  Zara makes a request and soon the girls find themselves in a familiar situation but is all what it seems?

Bella Osborne has written such a wonderful character driven novel and I adore the focus around the more mature characters than you usually find in this genre.  The women are diverse with so many different traits and lives and it’s great to see people of this age group not just being to dear old neighbour or village dear.  Three of the Girls narrate the story through alternate chapters which enabled me to get a good feel for their personalities and their headspace.      

The Girls will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and will give you all the feels.  There are many laugh out loud and heart-warming moments amongst the friends but also some slightly darker moments too which provide a really well-balanced contrast pertaining to real life – it’s not always sunshine and roses.  Working through, and dealing with these darker issues makes The Girls’ journey much deeper and emotional.

I loved living the more glamourous life in France.  I’m a sucker for armchair travel and love to read about lifestyles I am likely not to have.  What a wonderful setting for a story about friendship!

I listened to this novel on audio and it would be wrong not to give a mention to the wonderful narration by Julia Franklin.  She breathed life into each girl and it was so easy to know who was talking/narrating and when.  Her lively and entertaining narration really brough this story to life.



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