A Midlife Holiday by Cary J Hansson – Blog Tour

Thanks to Ann Cater and Random Things Tours for organising this blog tour and to cary J Hansson for a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.


A Midlife Holiday is the affirming first tale in the Midlife Trilogy women’s fiction series. If you like vivacious heroines, relatable humour and reawakenings of the spirit, then you’ll love Cary’s nuanced take on aging with attitude.

She wanted a change. But will a girls’ trip to the Mediterranean recapture her joy?

Helen Winters worries the walls are closing in. With her children grown and her selfish husband absent on her fiftieth birthday, she regrets not taking the exciting paths she dreamed about in her youth. So when a well-meaning birthday gift reveals a depressing image of her future, she takes a leap of faith and jets off to Cyprus with two lifelong friends.

Basking in the glorious sunshine and crystal-blue waters while enjoying the attention of handsome European men, Helen starts to feel truly alive. But her best friend isn’t in Cyprus for the sunshine, and the truth, when Helen learns it, is shocking enough to threaten their thirty year friendship as she fears nothing will ever be the same again.

Can she shake off the years of disappointment and re-discover the woman she once was?

My Thoughts

I was so excited to learn that A Midlife Holiday is the first in a trilogy as I loved it and I cannot wait to spend more time with the girls. 

On the surface, this is a story about 3 women becoming a certain age and reconnecting with each other.  When you begin to unpeel the layers of each character and their lives it becomes so much more.  It’s first and foremost a book about friendships – those special ones that stay with us for most of our loves.  Woven in-between the story of fed-up friends taking a holiday together is a tale of love, frustration, regrets and other relationships.  These elements are all entwined to tell a fascinating story of 3 women, all with their own issues.

Caro, Helen and Kaye are so real and identifiable.  I think most women would see some of themselves in at least one of the characters.  I admired each woman for different reasons but sometimes wanted to give them a little protective kick up the bottom (purely motivational reasons).  Even if you didn’t agree with the choices sometimes, it was clear to see the motivations and reasons. 

I am really hoping that the series looks closely at each of the girls (I think Helen was the main character here) and moves the timeline forward at the same time – Kind of like one long story but in 3 parts with a slightly change in focus. 

I cannot wait to be back with the girls in the future (or read the next part of the series) as I loved my first encounter with Cary Hansson’s writing.    

Author Bio – Cary J Hansson

I’m a fifty something mum of three, an ex-dancer, actress, waitress, cleaner, TV presenter, double-glazing sales rep, fax machine operator (what’s a fax machine?) You name it and I’ve cleaned it, served it, sent it or sold it.  After years of globe-trotting and messing about, I settled down to a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, got a First Class degree and promptly moved to Sweden to start my own mid-life adventure. I swim in the Baltic sea year round, paddleboard under midnight suns and have learned to sail. 

I’ve been writing for ten years. Stories about ordinary people, living lives of extraordinary courage and indestructible humour. I can promise only two things: no knights in shining armour and no flying cars. My heroines save themselves, as in the end we all must do.

From early readers:

I really loved Cary’s voice, and she captured the feelings that I know many women in their 50s feel perfectly.

Cary has a wonderful voice and a relatable, earthy tone that is sure to please readers and entertain them equally.


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