The Secret Voices (Cora Lael Book 1) by M. J. White – Blog Tour

Thank to M.J. White, Hera Books and Netgalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this blog tour.


They said they’d keep me safe.

They said, ‘It’s okay, Hannah. You know you can trust me.’

They lied.

When eight-year-old Hannah Perry goes missing in the small Suffolk village of St Just, the community is rocked. Heading up the investigation is Acting DS Rob Minshull, but he’s out of his depth in a case that seems to mirror the disappearance of a young boy, seven years ago. That search ended in unimaginable tragedy…and Minshull is praying that history won’t be repeated.

But with an investigation full of dead ends, and a kidnapper taunting the police with sinister deliveries of Hannah’s belongings and cryptic notes, the young girl’s life hangs perilously in danger.

Until Dr Cora Lael enters the picture. A psychologist with a unique ability, Cora’s rare gift allows her to sense emotions attached to discarded objects. When she is shown the first of Hannah’s belongings, she hears the child’s piercing scream.

With few leads on the case, could Cora prove Hannah’s only hope? And as time runs out, can they find Hannah before history repeats itself…?

A twisty, original and utterly gripping detective thriller that fans of James Oswald and LJ Ross will love. Don’t miss the crime thriller debut from the bestselling women’s fiction author, Miranda Dickinson.

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My Thoughts

Oh I was so excited by this book for two reasons.

1.  It’s written by well-loved romance author Miranda Dickinson under a penname and I adore her writing

2.  It’s a new investigative series and I love getting a new set of characters and places.

Dr Cora Lael has a gift.  She can sense things from objects that have been previously touched by people.  When a young girl named Hannah goes missing and DS Minshull is struggling to find evidence and connections, Dr Cora steps in to lend a hand.  With Cora’s unique skills and Minshull’s police expertise, can they work together before time runs out for Hannah?

This is a cracking start to a new series and I am here for it – (as the cool kids say).  

I love police procedurals and detective novels and this one is made even better with a little twist of something magical.  It’s such a clever concept and it is delivered with intelligence and finesse.  It doesn’t read as impossible or out of the ordinary – it works in such a realistic manner.  The plot is so intricately planned and every twist and turn has perfect timing. 

The narrative comes from several perspectives which gives a different point of view of events and also helps the reader get to know these new characters.  Short chapters from Hannah build tension and also reminded me that a child’s life was at stake.  I became engrossed and when these chapters came about, I was fully invested in her experience with her.  

I loved the early introductions to Cora and Rob Minshull and how their partnership is in its early days.  I loved Cora and how determined she was to use her gift to help others.  I also enjoyed how she dealt with the doubt and negative feelings people had about her.  I am really looking forward to learning more about these characters but also watching their working relationship grow and evolve.

The Secret Voices is such a well written, and cleverly executed police thriller and it has definitely left me wanting more.  I cannot wait for more in this series and I am hoping that M.J. White embraces her dark side a little more often.   

Author Bio – M. J. White


MJ White is the crime pen name of the internationally bestselling author Miranda Dickinson. To date she has sold over one million books worldwide and has been translated into sixteen languages. Miranda has always been a huge fan of crime fiction and The Secret Voices marks the start of a new and exciting departure for her writing.

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