Riding Pillion with George Clooney (and other stories) by Geraldine Ryan – Blog Tour

Thank you to Rachel and Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this tour and to Geraldine Ryan for an ARC copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Twelve moving short stories inspired by the everyday lives of women

  • A single woman on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Italian lakes still dreams of adventure. Can she find it closer to home?
  • A grieving widow finds comfort in the company of a stray cat that bears striking similarities to her dead husband.
  • An estranged daughter confronts an unspeakable tragedy from her past as she attempts to reconcile with her long-lost family.

Geraldine Ryan is a prolific short-story writer whose work has appeared in Woman’s Weekly and Take a Break’s Fiction Feast magazines. The women in this, her first published anthology, may be at different stages of life but all of them are experiencing the ground shifting beneath their feet. Their tales of love, longing and redemption will touch your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Riding-Pillion-George-Clooney-Stories-ebook/dp/B09WLRM8PP/

US – https://www.amazon.com/Riding-Pillion-George-Clooney-Stories-ebook/dp/B09WLRM8PP/

My Thoughts

This book of short, contemporary, stories by Geraldine Ryan is a collection of fun, uplifting and emotional reads that I adored.  I’d completely forgot that this was a book of short stories and got a bit of a surprise when I came to the end of the first one but it was actually exactly what I needed to see me through a busy week. 

Most of the stories are shorter than 10-minute reads so are perfect for a quick read on a lunch break or a short journey.  They may be short, but they certainly are full of heart- warming, emotional stories of love, friendships and other relationships.

There are too many to individually review however my favourites were:

A Butterfly Stirring – a story about kindness and the ripple effect that it can have on those around us, and a little further afield.

Danny Run Home – A story about a mother’s love for her son but also the impact substance abuse can have on a family.

Our Solemn Promise – A story about friendship and promises.

This is the perfect quick read or for those times when you don’t really want to think too much about a plot but you like a little depth or something to ponder over after reading.

I really recommend this selection of short stories.

Author Bio – Geraldine Ryan

Geraldine Ryan is a proud Northerner who has spent most of her life in Cambridge – the one with the punts. She holds a degree in Scandinavian Studies but these days the only use she puts it to is to identify which language is being spoken among the characters of whatever Scandi drama is currently showing on TV. She worked as a teacher of English and of English as a second or foreign language for many years, in combination with rearing her four children, all of whom are now grown up responsible citizens. Her first published story appeared in My Weekly in 1993. Since then her stories have appeared in Take-a-Break, Fiction Feast and Woman’s Weekly as well as in women’s magazines abroad. She has also written 2 young adult novels- ‘Model Behaviour’ (published by Scholastic) and ‘The Lies and Loves of Finn’ (Channel 4 Books.) This anthology of previously published short stories will be, she hopes, only the first of several.

Social Media Links  – https://twitter.com/GeraldineRyan

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