Mirror in Time by D. E. Overttun – Book Review

A huge thank you to David and Natasha Overttun for a copy of this novel in exchange for an unbiased review and for their endless support of my blog. I am honoured today to be posting my review of Mirror in Time, written by David and beautifully illustrated by Natasha.


As night falls, a lone atmospheric vehicle has come under attack on its final approach to a high‑altitude research facility known as the “Jomo Langma Mountain Observatory”. Stars that should fill the sky have been obscured by a random patchwork of contrails that have come to be known as “ribbons in the sky”.

As the sun sets, eerie contrails appear on the dome of the firmament, ghostly streaks that have replaced the stars that should fill the night sky. These “ribbons in the sky” appeared 70 years ago. Since that time, planet Arkos has experienced increasing climatic and seismic activity.

Jo’el is the director of the Jomo Langma Mountain Observatory, a high altitude astronomical facility situated atop its namesake. Tasked with finding a solution to this problem, he has concluded something outside the universe is tearing apart the very fabric of space time. He has also discovered a gateway to another universe. Sadly, any pathway to this portal has now become compromised.

The solution?

Go back in time and engineer a planetary exodus to the safe haven before it becomes inaccessible. It is a seemingly impossible task, but desperation is the mother of invention and the stuff of storytelling. Jo’el is not alone in this quest, with him are two lifelong friends, Chief Physician Kyros and Chief Psychology Officer Auberon. While only aware of Jo’el’s need for their support, they have a camaraderie born of trust that enables them to jump into the unknown knowing they will land safely.

Space time mechanics are outside the realm of Jo’el’s expertise. So, he has enlisted the aid of Prefect Godvina, head of the Cosmological Data Collection and Compilation Center. His plan is to meet with her, confirm his findings and proceed on with his friends. However, their meeting arouses the interest of Prefect Tarsus, Head of Intelligence. The unwanted scrutiny disrupts Jo’el’s plans. Now, the Director must improvise, and he reluctantly includes Godvina in the fold.

Are they successful in their travel back through time? Of course! Without it, there is no story, but how do they get there, what do they find and do they make good on Jo’el’s plan?

Mirror in Time will take you on a journey beyond the galaxy then to the ancient world of Ziem as a band of intrepid time travelers struggle to save existence.

My Thoughts

As I’ve stated before, Sci-Fi isn’t one of my strongest genres in terms of my understanding and knowledge. After stepping well out of my comfort zone and thoroughly enjoying Universe Awakening: Terra Nova Book 1 by David, I couldn’t wait to try out some more in the series.  What I lack in understanding of the science and theory and what I miss in terms of themes, I made up for in my loving of the characters and the setting.  I gave up being scared that it would all be too far over my head, and I gave up worrying about my comprehension and instead I allowed myself to be transported to another time, place and world.  I allowed myself to sit back and enjoy the ride in the understanding that the ride would not be the same for everyone, but I was just as entitled to my seat.  It does mean that my review may be more waffley as I pour my thoughts out however I really wanted to share my love of this book and author with you all.

So, Mirror in time has the same characters and world as Universe Awakening however, I am not totally sure where it fits (it’s not important) or if it does as the character roles are a little different.  I haven’t read Terra Nova books 2 and 3 yet so maybe this would answer my questions or maybe it’s a linked book but doesn’t follow the same storyline.  Either way, I’m curious but it didn’t make a difference to my enjoyment of the plot and characters.

Having a familiar setting and familiar characters who I had become smitten with really made my return to a sci-fi novel much easier.  I love how the book began with something to draw me in – straight away we are into a crisis that needs attention.  This leads to a time travel adventure where our heroes; Auberon, Godvina, Mica ‘el, Grabri ‘el , Natasha and Kyros travel back in time to the place of their ancestry.  From this point the plot flows really well and is heavily developed through dialogue and characters rather than lengthy explanations and this works in a really clever way.  As the past and future collide, I loved how thorough the joint teachings, the reader was able to learn about, and experience things through the eyes of the characters.      

The setting of the ancient world of Ziem was so much fun to explore with new characters being added.  I loved how I could link things to the modern world of Ziem from what I had learned in Universe Awakening but also little things which our ancestors would have experienced.  The imagery was well described, and I could picture the scenes in my head as I was reading. 

I’d already fallen in love with most of the characters from Universe so I was over the moon to encounter them again.  My only grumble (and it doesn’t affect my rating) is that I really missed the banter between Auberon, Mica ‘el and Gabri ‘el as they were my absolute favourites.  I enjoyed the introduction of new characters in the past Ziem world, particularly Celest who was a wise leader but had a cheeky side too.  It was lovely to get to know Kyros much better and his personality is so funny.   

Overttun writes in short chapters which really helps the book move at a fast pace and helps readers like myself take some time every few chapters to process and digest.  The plot is a fun adventure with friends although has a serious outcome.  I also enjoy the addition of some romance and friendship relationships as for me, this brings characters to life and makes them more relatable – whatever time period and planet they are from.    

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to D. E. Overtuun’s world of travel and celetrials and I highly recommend this book for anyone who reads sci-fi or is wanting to spread their wings into new genres.  I cannot wait to get back to you all with my thoughts on book 2 and 3.


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