Music of the Night (Short Stories) from the Crime Writers’ Association – Blog Tour

A huge thanks to Anne Cater for organising this tour and to The Crime Writers’ Association and Flame Tree Press for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Music of the Night is a new anthology of original short stories contributed by Crime Writer’s Association (CWA) members and edited by Martin Edwards, with music as the connecting theme. The aim, as always is to produce a book which is representative both of the genre and the membership of the world’s premier crime writing association.
The CWA has published anthologies of members’ stories in most years since 1956 with Martin Edwards as editor for over 25 years during which time the anthologies have yielded many award-winning and nominated stories by writers such as Ian Rankin, Reginald Hill,Lawrence Block,and Edward D. Hoch.
Stories by long-standing authors and stellar names sitalongside contributions from relative newcomers, authors from overseas, and members whose work haven’t appeared in a CWA anthology before. Among the gifted stars of today whose fiction featured in a CWA anthology at an early stage of their crime writing careers are Mick Herron, Frank Tallis,and Sarah Hilary. It
isn’t a closed shop, and never has been.

Fiction: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime
Product format: Hardback
Price: £20.00; $26.95
ISBN: 978-1-78758-735-9
Pages: 288 pp

My Thoughts

Music Of The Night is an eclectic collection of short crime stories with a musical link/theme.  They are perfect for reading when you have a quick 15 minutes or so and need something gripping to get get your teeth into. 

I’d like to take a minute to reflect on the skill it must take to develop an idea within a small word limit. To write a fully plotted story, develop characters and come to a satisfying conclusion in a short space of time is an immense skill and I am in awe. 

Don’t be fooled by the fact they are short stories.  They pack a punch in so many ways.  Some of the stories are dark and gritty, some are amusing and some are more mysterious and sinister.  What they all have in common is they are incredibly well written and very entertaining, often making me feel as though I had fit a full novel into the short time.  Some are very thought provoking too – I loved to spend time considering what had happened before or after and I enjoyed filling in missing information myself.

Each and every story in this collection is strong and entertaining but I wanted to mention a few of my absolute favourites.

The Melody of Murder’ by Antony M Brown follows an investigation into a serial killer who stages his crime scenes like record covers.  I loved the creativity of murder scenes in this one and cleverly it was brought to a climax.

Taxi! by Chris Simms centres around a young woman and her drunken taxi ride home but all is not as it seems.  This one really gave me the chills and has a very relevant atmosphere to it.

Some Other Dracula by Christine Poulson made me chuckle and was so much fun to read.  It reads like a very short-closed room mystery and involves several Draculas and a fun Halloween party. 

This is such a fun and entertaining collection of short crime stories, all with different vibes and purposes and I cannot recommend it enough.    


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