Search No Further by A. J. Campbell – Book review

Thank you to A. J. Campbell for a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



Someone is dying. Everyone is lying.

Glamorous Cara De Rosa has it all: a rapidly expanding chain of family-run restaurants across London, friends aplenty and an imminent marriage to a much younger man.

But someone wants Cara dead.

She confides in her family favourite. Sienna De Rosa, a troubled single parent, is exasperated with the police for failing to find the culprit of her husband’s death five years earlier. Her distrust of the justice system leads her to delve into Cara’s chilling allegation.

It’s a race against time to save Cara’s life. But Sienna gets more than she bargained for, as the more she searches for the truth, the more she discovers a family riddled with dark secrets, lies and deceit.

But who would want to see the end of the popular family matriarch Cara De Rosa? 

My Thoughts

Search No Further is a riveting and intense mystery/crime thriller that had me hooked from page one.

Picture a close-knit family, all brought together by Cara De Rosa in her wonderful restaurant.  The hustle and bustle of different generations, personalities and experiences all brought together under one roof.  All seems well and cosy until Cara seemingly has a second heart-attack and whispers some very concerning things to her granddaughter Sienna, including that someone is trying to kill her.  Can Sienna work out what is happening when nobody else seems concerned?

First of all the restaurant setting for this novel is brilliant.  As well as cleverly providing a central point for characters to develop and gather, it also made me incredibly hungry for Italian food.  I love small, family run Italian restaurants and the dishes served here were mouth-watering.  I could almost smell and taste them.  Despite the cosy, homely feel to the family, things are not always as they seem. 

Sienna narrates the story and at times I felt she was an unreliable narrator (a device I love) so it was difficult to know if her experiences and thoughts were how things really were.  I liked this clever touch as it made me unsure of everything I was experiencing as a reader.  As the plot moves on there are certain things revealed about different characters that again, creates a distrust as a reader.  I wasn’t sure who was involved and what the motive was until it was revealed. 

The plot is cleverly written and intricate.  Things are revealed at the right time and pace, creating suspense at the right moments and giving just enough to keep my interest but not enough to really give anything away.

Search No further is an intense crime thriller but has some elements of a cosy mystery in that there is very little violence or gore.  It reads a bit like a locked room mystery and it was lots of fun trying out different scenarios and possibilities whilst I was reading.  My mind changed constantly.

A great mystery/crime novel.  Highly recommended.        

Author Bio – A. J. Campbell


After graduating as an alumna of the Faber Academy, I published my debut novel Leave Well Alone in August 2020, which became an Amazon bestseller. Readers who received a pre-release copy described it as ‘a gripping story with a killer twist’.

I draw my inspiration from many facets of everyday life and especially how challenging events impact us all in different ways. The human mind and how different people react to each other and interact in society fascinates me. Asking, ‘How can that have possibly happened?’ I immerse myself in developing threads, plotting and letting my creative energy help my characters evolve.

Reading or writing, I love nothing more than settling down with a good story. I enjoy most genres, and especially novels that are thought-provoking and beg the question – what would I have done in that situation?

I live on the Essex / Hertfordshire border with my husband, two of my three sons and my cocker spaniel, Max.

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