Birth Rite by Anthony Steven – Blog Tour

Today I am so excited to be reviewing Birth Rite by Anthony Steven. Thank you to Zoe-Lee from for organising this tour and to Anthony Steven for a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.


Nine-year-old David Ryan is in mortal danger. He has a deadly secret that is unknown even to himself. But there is someone that does know: a relentless killer born of hatred, who draws upon dark powers to destroy God’s chosen ones.

As David grows into a troubled teenager, he has to confront the truth about himself to have any hope of stopping the malignant spread of evil that is engulfing his small town. He must accept his birth-rite, or the whole world will burn.

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My thoughts

Horror used to be my genre of choice but I’ve kind of strayed from the path a little over the past decade so I was excited to join the tour for Birth Rite and re-discover my love of horror. 

Birth Rite is not for the feint hearted and if you do find some things difficult to read about, I’d recommend checking out the content warnings first.  For me the horror was found in the thoughts and behaviours of mankind but to be fair those things have always terrified much more than things that go bump in the night. 

The first part of the book is almost like a string of individual stories that you know are linked but you are made to wait to see how and why.  The violence is graphic and dark but was well written and appropriate to the story.  It evoked such anger and emotion in me.

The characters were well developed and very vividly portrayed via their actions.  Some characters I was rooting for and wanted to offer safety, protection and help.  Others made my skin crawl and hair stand on end – giving me goosebumps every time they appeared.

This is the ultimate battle between good and evil and those who chose a side to stand firm with.  It’s terrifying, gory and so bloody enjoyable (don’t judge my dark side).          

Author Bio – Anthony Steven

I mainly write horror and paranormal thrillers although I am probably the most squeamish of people when it comes to watching horror movies and normally watch the scary parts through my fingers. Why I write in this genre of fiction is therefore quite ironic, but I’ve always been attracted to horror and thrillers in all their forms, whether on print or large and small screen. I have early memories of secretly watching Appointment With Fear with my older brother on an old black-and- white portable TV on Monday night’s when we should have been asleep. The image of Christopher Lee crashing through French windows in the first Hammer Horror Dracula movie, with blood on his fangs chills me to this day!

Predictably, I am a huge fan of Stephen King, but also love writers such as Dean Koontz, Joe Hill, CJ Tudor and James Herbert. When I was a kid, I was fascinated and enthralled by Robert E Howard’s sword-and-sorcery tales of Conan The Barbarian and several other creations, and then by Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series. These stories really fuelled my imagination and made me want to write my own stuff. When my older brother introduced me to Stephen King, I was soon lost in even darker worlds and I haven’t wanted to come out of them ever since. My books are, therefore, quite disturbing, gory at times, but I try to also litter them with characters who, while flawed, display the finer human qualities such as bravery, loyalty, and above all love of other people above themselves. I hope that you think that I have succeeded in this.

In my normal life I work for a charity that supports blind and partially-sighted people and I am also a qualified psychotherapist. This is all after spending twenty-five years in the private sector, where I wasn’t just unfulfilled, but also monumentally bored. Working with people directly to help them solve their own problems was definitely a better fit for me.

I live in Cheshire with my wonderfully patient wife and our small dog, Bailey, who loves nothing better than cuddles, food, and waiting until I’m relaxed of an evening before she demands some attention.

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