Extract from Hope and Santuary by Neet Neilson – Blog Tour

Today I am so excited to be hosting an extract from Hope and Sanctuary by Neet Neilson. Thank you to Zoe-Lee from https://zooloosbookdiary.co.uk/zooloos-blog-tours and Dark Edge Press for organising this tour.


Hope rescues intensive farming animals from slaughter among many others in her growing animal sanctuary, but finds herself struggling to make ends meet. Compounded by frequent flooding, a constant drain on her resources, as well as the risk it poses to her animals, Hope puts out a desperate plea on national television for help.

Grant Marshall comes to her rescue, but there’s a catch. He’s a farmer – and Hope loathes farmers.

Grant offers Hope everything she could ever desire for her sanctuary, leaving her with a dilemma – does she go against her morals and beliefs to accept his charity or will she accept his challenge that he can convince her that he is a compassionate man – in more ways than one?

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Grant Marshall had never in his life been so physically attracted to a woman that he couldn’t breathe, never mind a woman on the TV. Normally he didn’t even watch television, but it was on in the background while he was visiting his sister that morning, and the animated copper-headed beauty caught his eye. Rolling across the bottom of the screen the news ticker indicated she was looking for charity, help to buy dry land for her animal sanctuary. He turned the volume up to hear her plea.

‘So to sum up, you are looking for land or money that can help you buy land for your animal sanctuary, is that correct?’

‘Yes.’ As she looked directly into the camera, Grant was lost in the depth of emotion in those blue-green eyes that looked right into his soul, and burned deep into his loins. ‘Yes, we need land, or money to buy a small steadings for our many animals.’

‘Is there a problem with the land you currently own, Hope?’

‘I’m afraid so, Kelly. It’s unfortunately on a floodplain, and we can’t risk the lives of our animals staying there any longer. So, if anyone out there listening is in a position to help us, please do get in touch.’

‘Thank you, Hope, for appearing this morning with your appeal. If anyone listening can help, please call the number scrolling across your screen now. We have another hour of the show left, so if any good Samaritan calls before the end of the show, we will let you all know. Now over to . . .’

Grant paused the feed, rewound it till he got a decent still of this firebird, and took in her beauty. Her hair shone like polished copper and flowed like liquid metal over her shoulders. She was wearing a tight teal coloured T-shirt, the colour of her eyes, with a logo on its right shoulder. The perfection he could see of her from above her waistline had him aching with desire. He shook his head at this preposterous reaction he was having to someone he had never met. He pressed play on the remote and let the feed flow again. Then he muted the channel and typed in the number at the bottom of the screen and saved it. He wanted to know more about this siren before he committed, but he knew that before the day was out he would call that number.

Author Bio – Neet Neilson

Neet has been a big fan of romance novels since she was a teen, borrowing books from her mother’s bookcase. Her love of reading laid the foundation for an interest in writing short stories, poems, songs, screenplays, stage plays and novels. Her background in nursing, lecturing and research has been invaluable when establishing a sound knowledge base for her writing, while her emotions are the driving force behind her work. Her love for animals is her greatest passion.

Follow her at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeetNeilsonWriter

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neetaneilson/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeetNeilson

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