Hot Desk by Zara Stoneley – Blog Tour

Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this tour and to Zara Stoneley, Harper Collins/One More Chapter and Netgalley for a copy to read in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Same desk, different days.

A post-it note is just the beginning…

Alice loves her job and wants to keep it – whatever the price. But then she’s told the company is switching to flexible working and hot desking…Alice’s desk might look a mess, but she knows exactly where everything is. Or she did. Until she found out she’s going to share it with the most annoying guy in the office.
Jamie can work from anywhere. He’s quite happy to sweep his work life into a box at the end of the working day. But can sharing a desk with Alice be as much fun as teasing her in person?
With no option but to try it and see, will their relationship turn into open warfare or will it ever progress beyond a post-it note?

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My Thoughts

I’m a big fan of Zara Stoneley and have missed reading her books so I am so excited today to be reviewing Hot Desk. 

 I’m going to start by addressing an aspect of the book which in some reviews out there has gained some criticism because it’s not something I agree with (I know that’s only my opinion).  The book is set towards the end of the pandemic and relates/mentions Covid and the UK lockdown.  Whilst I’m not particularly interested in reading a book where Covid is central to the plot (yet), I feel that in Hot Desk it’s part of the setting and situation and works well.  Alice has not long returned to work after working from home and being cooped up with her flatmates in a small home.  Additionally, she, and her company, have lost clients due to Covid and I think it details the reality that we currently live in in a subtle but realistic manner and to me it just felt as though the story was current and it mirrored some of my experiences.  (So there’s my twopenneth).

I loved being inside Alice’s head.  At times it was a little confusing and rambly but I absolutely imagine that is what people’s heads are like.  I constantly have internal monologues and was surprised to find out there are people who don’t do that at all. I loved how she constantly tried to reason and rationlise things with herself and also how she often tried to exercise mind over physical feelings and failed miserably.  She’s such a funny character. I completely identified with her love of her desk. I love mine and like it kept a certain way. (Yes I’m odd). 

I adored the chemistry between Jamie and Alice.  I loved how they had a little history and despite a brief moment, it had such a hold over Alice.  I enjoyed their flirty office relationship and the tension of will they, won’t they?

A cute office romance novel with quirky characters.  Very enjoyable.         

Author Bio – Zara Stoneley

USA Today bestselling author Zara Stoneley was born in a small village in the UK. She wanted to be a female James Herriot, a spy, or an author when she grew up.

After many (many) years, and many different jobs, her dream of writing a bestseller came true, and more than half a million copies of her books have now been sold worldwide.

She writes about friendship, dreams, love, and happy ever afters, and hopes that her tales make you laugh a lot, cry a little, and occasionally say ‘ahhh’.

Zara now lives in a Cheshire village with her family, a lively cockapoo, a cocker spaniel puppy and a very bossy (and slightly evil) cat.

Social Media Links –

Twitter: @ZaraStoneley

Instagram: zarastoneley



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