The Spanish House by Cherry Radford – Blog Tour

A huge thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for organising this tour and to Cherry Radford and Aria Fiction for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


One bizarre to-do list to earn her inheritance. One Spanish summer. One huge family secret.Juliana makes a modest living as an ‘ethnic’ TV/film extra – even though the only connections with her Spanish heritage are her cacti, Spanish classes, and some confused memories of a Spanish mother she hasn’t seen since she was seven.

When her beloved Uncle Arturo offers her the chance to discover her roots while housesitting his coastal home in a quiet corner of Andalusia, Juliana can’t believe her luck. Especially when he reveals that the house will be hers if she fulfills ten life-enhancing ‘Conditions’ within 90 days.

Redecoration of the house and a visit to the old film studio where her mother used to sew costumes seem ridiculously simple tasks for such a wonderful reward. But little does Juliana realize that there are family secrets and inherited rivalries awaiting her in sunny Spain, and the condition that she has to ‘get on with the neighbors’ – who include a ruggedly handsome but moody artist – may be harder than she thinks.

The perfect escapist read for fans of Rosanna Ley, Jo Thomas, and Sue Moorcroft.

My Thoughts

The Spanish house is a contemporary story with some romance but is more about Julianna finding out about her past, her heritage and discovering herself in the process.  It’s a great book for a lazy afternoon read and is full of escapism and beautiful scenery.

Julianna has been given an offer she cannot refuse.  Knowing very little about her Spanish heritage and struggling to connect with it, she is offered the chance to live in her Uncle Arturo’s house providing she fulfils a list of unusual conditions.  As she discovers more, will she like what she finds out? And will she find peace with her Spanish heritage?

I loved the setting for this book so much.  The idyllic and more traditional life in Andalusia is explored rather than the touristic areas so often featured in novels. I love the idea of a cosy little cottage for one and I adore decorative and coloured doors (weird I know). 

I enjoyed accompanying Julianna through her journey of discovery.  I loved the renovations in the cottage and often paused to imagine myself in this place and what I would do with it. I love a journey of self-discovery in novels too and this is the part that kept me hooked.  There is a romantic plot too but it does not take centre stage over Julianna finding out about her family which I prefer. 

Overall this is a lovely, heart-warming novel with an amazing and richly describe setting and perfect for a cosy afternoon of reading. 

Author Bio – Cherry Radford

Cherry Radford was a piano teacher at the Royal Ballet Junior School, a keyboard player in a band, and then a research optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. She now lives in Almería, Spain.

Her first two novels, published by Indepenpress, were MEN DANCING (2011) and FLAMENCO BABY (2013). THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER’S DAUGHTER was published by Urbane Publications in April 2018.

THE SPANISH HOUSE (Aria Fiction / Head of Zeus) is the first of three novels set in the unspoilt Cabo de Gata region of Andalucía where she lives.


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