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On behalf of Zoe at https://zooloosbookdiary.co.uk/zooloos-blog-tours and question Mark press, I am excited and honoured today to be hosting an extract from Delivery by Emanuela Barasch-Rubinstein and Holland House. This book sounds very interesting and I’m hoping you’ll agree after reading a sneak peak.


When Daphne becomes pregnant, it isn’t only her life that changes…

For her husband Amir, for their parents, and for their friends Guy and Abigail, the pregnancy and birth force them all to look at their own lives, at what they want, at their pasts and their futures.

Each person has a different perspective of the delivery, and of the complexity of having a child: the difference between men and women, a changing self-perception of parents, conflicts between work and parenthood.

Lives are changed, and the equilibrium each of them has achieved is fundamentally disturbed until, after the delivery, they can find a new balance for the future.

Extract from Delivery

Twentieth Month

(The father asks his boss for flexible work schedule)

“Amir, I want you to know that denying your request is for your own good. You don’t understand this, but it’s true.”

“How is it for my own good?”

“I make sure you make a living. If you and others here aren’t fully committed to work I will lose clients, and I would have to fire some of you.”

“I understand this. As I’ve said, I will work as much as I do now, only at different hours.”

“There is no such thing. Accountants work only when someone is watching them. No one likes to make calculations all day long. It’s work. And if you are here alone late in the evening gradually you will stop, because no one is making you work. In the morning you will say you didn’t manage to complete what you planned.”

“I promise it won’t be like that. Every morning I’ll show you what I’ve done the previous night.”

“Believe me, nothing would be done. I also raised my children this way. My wife took care of them, and I saw them late in the evening and on weekends. That’s the way it is. If you want to make money you need to be here during working hours.”

“I want to take part in raising my son.”
Fury flashed in the watery eyes. He put the pen on the desk, stood up, and said in a loud voice without looking down at me: “If you want to stay with us you must be here during working hours. If it doesn’t suit you, please, you’re free to go. I must say you disappoint me. You are very gifted, I was going to appoint you head of a department, but now I see you’re not as serious as I thought you were.” He then waved his hand in his usual manner, but this time it was clear it was meant to make me leave his office.

I took the stairs and not the lift to hide my tears. Tomer, my love, my boy, the recollection of the fresh baby scent made me sit on the stairs and weep. I buried my face in my hands to conceal my sobbing. The dim light in the stairway and the heavy air made me nauseous. In a minute I would have stepped out to the street and never returned to the firm. But after a couple of minutes I stood up, tucked my shirt into my trousers, brushed off the dust and went down the stairs to my office, my heart tormented with pain and fury, as though fatherhood had been stolen from me.

Author Bio – Emanuela Barasch-Rubinstein

Emanuela Barasch Rubinstein is a writer and a scholar in the Humanities. This is her second work of fiction, following Five Selves, published in 2015 by Holland House Books. Her non-fiction work includes The Devil, the Saints, and the Church, Nazi Devil, and Mephisto in the Third Reich: Literary representations of Evil in Nazi Germany. Emanuela also translated Evans-Prichards’ Theories of Primitive Religion and Dodd’s The Greek and the Irrational from English into Hebrew.

Follow her at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Delivery-Emanuela-Barasch-Rubinstein-103759155294808
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emanuelabaraschrubinstein/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmanuelaRubinst

Buy on Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Delivery-Emanuela-Barasch-Rubinstein-ebook/dp/B08XQDGBST

Buy on Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/Delivery-Emanuela-Barasch-Rubinstein-ebook/dp/B08XQDGBST


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