The Old Ducks’ Club by Maddie Please – Blog Tour

Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this tour and to Maddie Please, Boldwood and Netgalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


Sophia Gregory is fading away…

Recently split from her married lover and about to turn sixty, Sophia doesn’t recognise the old woman staring back at her in the mirror. Where has her life gone so wrong? How has it come to this? A quiet holiday in beautiful Rhodes is the perfect chance for her to find herself again.  

Until she meets the Old Ducks!
Bold and brash, Juliette, Kim and Anita are three friends who are determined not to grow old gracefully – and they are Sophia’s worse nightmare! But when Sophia is made an honorary member of The Old Ducks’ Club, she begins to discover a new side to life. Dancing and drinking till dawn Sophia starts to shake off her grey, drab old life and finds the fun side to living again!

And when she meets her gorgeous Greek neighbour, Theo, she thinks that maybe, if she’s just a little braver, she can learn to spread her wings again….

It’s never too late to teach an Old Duck new tricks!

A rip-roaring, laugh out loud story about the importance of friendship and always, always having fun! Perfect for fans of Judy Leigh and Dee Macdonald.

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My Thoughts

I have decided to name myself as an honorary duck.  I may have to lie about my age a little but I want in on the love, friendship and shenanigans of these wonderful ladies.    

I adored this novel and the character (most of them).  Sophia was a character I didn’t completely warm to at first but as she gained confidence and began to figure out who she was I loved who she grew into.  She was initially prickly and frustratingly blind to a lot of things but as her journey progressed, she softened and opened up to more things. 

The friendship between Sophia and The Old Ducks was so heart-warming and inspiring.  I loved learning about each Duck and their stories and how supportive and non-judgmental they are.  Their thirst for fun and adventure and zest for life was so much fun to read about it.  They brought Sophia back to life and taught her to start trusting and living again.  For me this was the highlight of the whole book.

I’ve never been to Rhodes but Maddie’s vivid description of the streets, sights and food have made this a must on my destination list.  It was a wonderful backdrop to stage such an uplifting tale and it worked perfectly. 

This was a great book to escape into for a few hours and was a lot of fun to read.    

Author Bio – Maddie Please

Maddie Please is the author of four bestselling romantic comedies, having had a career as a dentist and now lives in rural Devon where she enjoys box sets, red wine and Christmas. She will be taking a new direction in her writing for Boldwood with joyous tales of older women – the first of which The Old Ducks’ Club will be published in May 2021.

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