The Jigsaw Man (An Inspector Anjelica Henley Thriller #1) by Nadine Matheson – Blog Tour

Thank you to Nadine Matheson, Harper collins and Netgalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review and for having me along on their blog tour.


When body parts are found on the banks of the River Thames in Deptford, DI Angelica Henley is tasked with finding the killer. Eerie echoes of previous crimes lead Henley to question Peter Olivier, aka The Jigsaw Killer, who is currently serving a life sentence for a series of horrific murders.

When a severed head is delivered to Henley’s home, she realises that the copycat is taking a personal interest in her and that the victims have not been chosen at random.

To catch the killer, Henley must confront her own demons – and when Olivier escapes from prison, she finds herself up against not one serial killer, but two.

My Thoughts

The Jigsaw Man is a deliciously dark and intense beginning to a new crime series and it certainly packs a punch. 

Inspector Anjelica Henley has been on desk duty following an investigation that almost got her killed but when body parts begin showing up around Deptford, Anjelica is forced back into the field to investigate a killer. 

I loved the character of Anjelica.  She’s real!  She’s juggling a demanding and exhausting job, a husband, toddler, friends and her own anxieties and demons.  She’s straight talking and down to earth and sometimes a bit of a grump (I can totally relate).  Matheson delves into the professional and personal lives of the characters and even the ‘supporting’ characters are well developed and are an integral part of the plot.  We learn about their traits, professional endeavours and personal lives and struggles.      

Deptford is an unusual setting for any novel and it’s not a place I have really experienced before.  Despite being the scene for gruesome murders and showing the less glamourous side of the capital city, I really felt a vibe that showed the author has a soft spot for this area.  The way river was almost an additional character and how it was described with honesty but never looked down on.  It’s a place I am assuming Nadine knows well and holds something for her.         

When I first began reading, I was a little confused and had to keep checking it was book 1 in a new series (It is!).  The narrative is focussed on the recent murders but is also used to unfold events surrounding The Jigsaw Man killings investigated by Henley.  To begin with it feels as though you have missed something really important but don’t worry – explanations are coming!

The book is a long one but the balance of investigation, police work and the lives of the main characters are well balanced and explored in depth.  I love how we get a taste of police work, pathology, and camaraderie.  Despite its length, there are no moments where I felt the plot was dragging or could have been shorter.  There as always something relevant developing,    

Nadine Matheson doesn’t hold back and there are a variety of issues highlighted that I could feel she is passionate about bring into the light.  Among them are Dementia, PTSD, misogyny, sexism, racism, and lesser-deaths.  The last thing was something I went to look up and was shocked and saddened to learn about.  It’s where many serial crimes do not come to the public attention or receive the attention, they deserve due to the nature of the victims e.g. low social class, people of colour etc. 

This is a dark and disturbing police novel but here are moments of light hidden within the pages.  It’s well written, intense and reads like reality.  An excellent start to a new series and I highly recommend.         

Author Bio – Nadine Matheson

Nadine Matheson is a writer of crime fiction, contemporary fiction and occasionally dips into the world of speculative fiction.

When Nadine is not writing, she works as a criminal lawyer and lecturer. She lives in London and in her fantasy life would write comic books for a living.

You can find Nadine Matheson here:


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