Mine by Kelly Florentia – Book review

A huge thanks to Kelly Florentia and Bloodhound Books for an arc copy of this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.


When loner Lucy Harper, accepts a Facebook friend’s request from Jasmine, an old school friend, the last thing she expects is for Jasmine to run off with her husband, Andrew. 

Now, newly divorced, Lucy lives in the flat she still part-owns with Andrew. After a drunken night out, she wakes up with Teddy Fallon. But this is the least of her worries.

The night before a text came through claiming someone knows her secret.

But what is Lucy hiding?

Before Lucy has time to process everything, her ex drops a bombshell – fiancé Jasmine is pregnant, and he wants his share of the money from the flat.

Then the blackmail begins.

Who is after Lucy and why? 

Love isn’t always innocent, and Lucy is about to learn a lesson the hard way.

My Thoughts

I adore Kelly’s contemporary novels so I was thrilled when I found out she was releasing a psychological thriller and it did not disappoint.

Mine is a thriller highly driven by its characters.  It’s cleverly developed so the reader has no idea who to trust and I’d like to say I guessed correctly BUT…..I guessed at every scenario I could think of so I’m not sure that counts.  It had me creating theories and changing them constantly all the way through and I still wasn’t sure what was truly happening until the very last chapters.

Lucy is an intriguing character but potentially an very unstable and unreliable witness.  Struggling with PTSD and crumbling after being deceived by her best friend and her marriage has fallen apart, Lucy isn’t in a good place.  So when someone begins to blackmail her it’s the last straw and risks sending Lucy over the edge.  Can she trust anyone? 

Lucy’s issues are revealed slowly throughout the first half of the novel and as I discovered each one, I felt a little closer to Lucy and gained a little more understanding around her thought processes and behaviours.  She’s a vulnerable character but there is an element of unreliability around her and it was hard to know how much of her experiences were reality and ho much were exasperated by her ongoing struggles. Despite this, I loved her and felt really protective over her.  I wanted to shield her form the badness and encourage her to seek help and support.  I also felt a little as though I was looking through Lucy’s eyes at everything, slightly intoxicated most of the time and actually felt this ways sometimes too.  Very clever!

Other characters include her ex-husband who is a bit of an arse, her ex best friend who stole her husband, current best friend who has the seemingly perfect marriage and of course new love interest Teddy.  Not everything is as it seems with anybody.

The novel moves at a quick pace and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. 

Highly recommended for lovers of psychological thrillers.      

Author Bio – Kelly Florentia

Kelly Florentia was born and bred in north London, where she continues to live with her husband Joe. HER SECRET (2018) is her third novel and the sequel to NO WAY BACK (2017).

Kelly has always enjoyed writing and was a bit of a poet when she was younger. Before penning her debut The Magic Touch (2016), she wrote short stories for women’s magazines. To Tell a Tale or Two… is a collection of her short tales. In January 2017, her keen interest in health and fitness led to the release of Smooth Operator – a collection of twenty of her favourite smoothie recipes.

As well as writing, Kelly enjoys reading, running, drinking coffee, scoffing cakes, watching TV dramas, and spending way too much time on social media.

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