Halo (Celestial Creatures Book 4) by Olga Gibbs – Book Review

Thank you so much to Olga Gibbs for an ARC copy of Harbinger in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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The stage is set. The armies are in their positions.

However, what Ariel had gathered hardly can be called an “army”, maybe a mob at a push, but it’s all she has. This handful of the fallen is her only chance for survival in the final battle.

The final book of the “Celestial Creatures” series is 120K words. Its pages are filled with betrayal, power struggle, heartache and fulfilling one’s destiny: becoming the feared archangel, the sole ruler of Heaven.

My Thoughts

Over two years ago when I first began blogging it was tricky knowing where to begin with the bookish world.  I spotted a shout out for a blog tour for a Heavenward and way I went.  Not only was this book my first acceptance onto a tour but it was my first foray into fantasy too.  I adored Heavenward and went on to read Hallow and Harbinger too.  When Halo dropped into my inbox, I was beside myself with excited…… so why, you ask, did it take me so long to read it? Two reasons; 

1.   Things have been hectic and I wanted to sit and savour it in longer reading sessions.

2.  It’s the end!  As much as I was desperate to find out what happens, I also knew that once I had reached the end there would be no more Celestial Creatures.

So with huge apologies to Olga for taking so long and a little bit of a heavy heart…here is my review of Halo ……

In Heavenward, Ariel very clearly sets out her sole mission and purpose in life from the word go.  Throughout the series this has been something she has stayed true to and never left.  In Halo Ariel comes full circle.  Despite being embroiled in epic battles and journeys the closing pages make it clear there has always been the main focus at the heart of everything she does.

As a reader I have been fully immersed in Ariel’s journey and character development.  In the beginning, Ariel was a teen with mental health issues having experienced trauma and potentially dealing with an underlying disorder.  Fierce and strong but often moody, petulant and impulsive (like a teen), she was ruled by fear and anger.  I feel like I have grown with her throughout the series, like a guardian angel, watching over and encouraging her to find her place, her strength and her own path in life but gently encouraging her to balance head with heart. 

In Halo Ariel becomes who she is meant to be – on her terms.  Each novel has seen her mature and develop as a character but in Halo she fights the rage, the impulsivity and steps up to become a true leader.  Ariel learns to listen to others but to also inspire and motivate when it mattered.  She embraces the essence of Uriel but in my opinions, never fully allows it to take over – maintaining qualities of her human self that allow her to make decisions with dignity and honesty. 

The previous novels have mainly been set in Heaven (Sarukh) and on Earth (Apkallu) with a short visit to the surface of Hell (Arllu), but Halo takes the reader into the depths of hell and it is as terrifying as you can imagine.  Olga’s world building is incredible and as much as I loved Heavenward, the quality of writing has become stronger with each book.  I feel, like our heroine, Olga Gibbs has become increasingly confident in her own ability and this has encouraged her determination to write the story in the way she envisioned.  The research into the theology of ancient religions and civilisations (particularly Sumerian) is spectacular and I would never claim to link all references. However, it does add depth and a reality to the plot and the use of old languages really adds intensity.   

Ariel’s final battle begins in the depths of Hell where she is imprisoned by Baza and his Malakhims with no weapons or army to turn to. Ariel is left with two choices – die in there or attempt the impossible escape.  The imagery and scenery is detailed and vivid.  I felt, saw and experienced every anguish, pain and frustration that Ariel did.  The whole novel played like a movie in my head as I was reading as everything is brought to life.

I have adored this series and am devastated it is over however satisfied by the ending we were given. 

Thank You Olga for taking me on Ariel’s journey with you.

Author Bio – Olga Gibbs

Olga Gibbs

Olga Gibbs lives in a leafy-green town, nestled amongst the green fields of West Sussex, England. She was writing from the age of fifteen, mainly short stories and novellas and was a guest columnist for a local newspaper. When she is not dreaming up new adventures for her imaginary friends, she does outreach work with teenagers.

She is currently writing the final books in the “Celestial creatures” series and another stand-alone psychological crime thriller.

Please visit author website www.OlgaGibbs.com for more information on upcoming books.

Author links

Website: https://olgagibbs.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/olgagibbsauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olgagibbsauthor/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorOlgaGibbs/

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/olgagibbs

Bookbub Author Page: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/olga-gibbs

Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17733283.Olga_Gibbs

Purchase Link :https://amzn.to/3p2eU9g


  1. I love your review and also how you describe your “personal relationship” with the series. I can relate so much. Ariel’s development had been my favourite aspect of the series because like you said she also “maintaining qualities of her human self”

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