Extract from Adventure to Dark Island by Bev Mietz – Blog Tour

Today I am honooured to be hosting an extract to kick off the tour for Adventure to Dark Island by Bev Mietz. Thank you to the lovely people over at Love Books Tours. Keep a close eye on my blog for the review to follow shortly.


On the remote, sub-tropical Coco Island, Mac, Merrow, Patience, Will and Dan live simply, self-sufficiently and usually peacefully together. But sometimes trouble can happen between even the best of friends. And trouble is what happened when an argument between Patience and Dan got out of hand.

Will and Dan, tired of Patience bossing them around, decide it’s time to find a place of their own. Under cover of darkness, they take one of the boats and leave the island. But don’t realise the danger of sailing into the open ocean with no idea where they are going, and without telling the others.

Alone in the middle of the ocean, a tropical storm gathers speed and rushes at them with full force. Whilst trying to turn the sail to steer away from the storm, their mast snaps and goes overboard along with the now shredded sail, leaving Will and Dan at the mercy of the rough sea. Surviving the storm, their food and drinking water lost, they drift along helplessly ‒ but finally, there is land in sight. A small island, surrounded by a dark mist. On the island, Will and Dan survive dangerous black swamps and hear frightening screams and cries as they explore. Meeting an old man, they are taken to a clearing in the forest. He points to a drinking well and explains the island is cursed and the cries Will and Dan had heard came from the Well of Lost Souls. Can they escape? What they don’t know is that back on Coco Island Mac, Merrow and Patience are preparing to set out to look for them. Soon all of them will be in this adventure together… can they break the curse, release everyone from Dark Island and help free those poor lost souls?


Far away, out in the warm ocean, there is an island. Coco Island. It is a Varsi island. The Varsi are little people who live quietly and simply in harmony with nature. Here, Mac, Will, Dan, Merrow and Patience live happily together. Coco Island is surrounded by a magic mist that keeps the island invisible to outsiders, and in between Coco Island and its neighbour Pearl Island lives a kind and gentle sea spirit, who watches over the little people, keeping them safe. The Varsi people love their island and work hard every day tending the fruits, roots and vegetables they grow, as well as making sure they always have lots of Wonder Juice.

Wonder Juice is their special healing brew.

Sometimes, even the best of friends argue…

especially when they live on a small island in the middle of a very large ocean.

One sunny morning, Mac was hard at work harvesting the fruit and vegetables they had grown, and Merrow and Patience were busy carefully storing them for later use. They were busy. They still had to prepare the new vegetable garden planting.

Everyone was working – well, almost all…

‘Will, Dan, why are you just sitting there being lazy when there’s so much to do?’ shouted Patience

– who was not patient at all.

‘Oh, you’re doing such a good job, you don’t need us.’ Will laughed.

Patience jumped up and down. ‘That does it!

And it’s not funny!’ she shouted. ‘You’re lazy good-for-nothings. If you don’t help with the work, then you won’t share the harvest.’

‘And you are the bossiest, most bad-tempered person in the whole world,’ Dan shouted back.

‘Ooh, I am not.’ Patience picked up the first thing to hand, which happened to be a coconut, and let fly, hitting Dan on the shoulder.

Author Bio – Bev Mietz

I’m a Yorkshire girl, born and raised in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.  I have lived and worked in England, South Africa and the island of Mauritius. I enjoy reading, gardening and sewing.

In 2018 the company I worked for closed their office and at the age of 69 years found myself out of a job!  But, thanks to my wonderful Sons I am now retired and have lots of time to spend with them and to have a little time for myself too!

The idea for Adventure to Dark Island came to me whilst living on Mauritius. At every opportunity, Mauritian families head to the beaches and often sail to the many small islands close to the main island. I used to enjoy watching the young children having fun sailing their small boats in the safe lagoons and the idea for the story was hatched!

I’m surprised how much I enjoyed writing Adventure to Dark Island… my first book!

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