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Thank you to Sarah Hardy from @BOTBSPublicity for organising this tour and to Daniela Sacerdoti and Bookouture for a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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1945, Italy. Two sisters give birth to two little girls on the same night, huddled under blankets, deep in the black woods that surround the village of Bosconero. They hold their babies close as footsteps approach. If they make even the slightest sound, the German soldiers will find them…

2006. Luce Nardini searches the cobbled streets of a remote Italian village for a house with a faded blue door. Since her only child left home, and with her estranged husband more distant than ever, she’s been completely untethered. Discovering why her mother cut all contact with her family and the village she loved feels like Luce’s last hope at understanding who she is.

Inside the house, she’s relieved to find the grandmother she never knew living out her final days. With a longing look at an ornate wooden box on her nightstand, her grandmother is just beginning to tell the heart-wrenching story of a little village ravaged by war, and why Luce’s mother swore never to return, when then the unthinkable happens: an earth-shattering disaster that shakes the little village of Bosconero to its core.

Feeling more lost than ever before, Luce fears that the secrets of her past have been buried forever. Her only hope is to win back the trust of the small community and find her grandmother’s little wooden box amongst the rubble of the village.

But will the surprise arrival of the husband she thought she’d lost help sew Luce’s family back together, or tear it apart for good? And will anything have prepared her for the devastating betrayal she finds hidden inside the box…?

An unputdownable historical novel about the secrets we keep to protect the ones we love by the author of million-copy Amazon No 1. bestseller, Watch Over Me. Perfect for anyone who loves Fiona Valpy, Lily Graham or The Letter by Kathryn Hughes.

My thoughts

After reading The Italian Villa I became totally smitten by this author and her writing style.

I’m not sure what exactly it is but it just flows wonderfully, and I became completely lost within the pages of the story.  Her story telling is compelling and addictive and completely immersive.   

So we visit Italy in the present and in 1945 – many differences but some things don’t change.  The description of Bosconero is stunning and so much like the Italy of my dreams – beyond the tourist places and where local life thrives.  The description of the setting is just breath-taking, and the community and way of life was a delight to read about.

The plot itself is intriguing and unfolds at a good pace with twists and new information regularly to keep the reader glued.  Luce’s search for the truth in the present and the history of her family in the past are both so emotional.  When disaster strikes Luce realises she has to learn the truth about her family and heritage before there is nobody left to tell it.

I enjoyed getting to know each character and understanding their points of view.  The dual timeline narrative is fascinating, and I loved seeing some of the characters as younger people and then how their lives have been impacted by events.

This is a riveting novel with a wonderful writing style.  Highly recommended.      

Author Bio – Daniela Sacerdoti

Daniela Sacerdoti is the author of the bestselling Glen Avich series which has sold over one million copies in ebook to date, Sacerdoti’s debut novel Watch Over Me was named the eighth bestselling Kindle book of all time in 2015, when she was also ranked as the eleventh top-selling Kindle author. She lives in a small village in the middle of nowhere, with her Scottish husband, two children, a Cocker spaniel and a foundling kitten (who was definitely a witch in a past life).

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