Winter at Wishington Bay by Maxine Morrey – Blog Tour

Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this tour and to Maxine Morrey, Boldwood and Netgalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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Eighteen months ago, Sophia Jones finally walked out on her unhappy life.

With a tricky divorce ongoing, money is tight and so when friends offer her a housekeeping job while they’re away travelling, she accepts.

Nate McKinley is hesitant when his brother, Gabe, offers him the use of their home in the picturesque village of Wishington Bay. But he has a book to a write and an imploded marriage to recover from, so maybe a change of scene is exactly what he needs. 

As Wishington Bay works its magic, friendship blossoms between Sophia and Nate. For Nate, finally feeling able to be himself with someone who is honest and down to earth is a revelation. 

But Sophia has a secret and a jealous colleague is determined to blow her cover. Can she really keep her old life in the past or is it destined to destroy this new, happy one too?

Take a trip back to Wishington Bay this winter and find out…

A deliciously heart-warming and romantic read, perfect for a cosy winter’s evening, from the author of the bestselling Winter’s Fairytale.

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My Thoughts

I adored the first Wishington Bay novel Coming Home to Wishington Bay (click to read my review) so I was over the moon when there was a second book and I couldn’t wait to pay another visit.

Despite being part of a series, the books share a setting and some characters but can be read out of order or as a stand alone. Of course, I highly recommend reading them both as they are wonderful.

This is Sophie’s story.  With little money and an ongoing and difficult divorce, Sophie headed for Wishington Bay 18 months ago and picked up a cleaning job for her friends Holly and Gabe.  Holly asks her to keep an eye on Gabe’s brother who has arrived from Australia and so begins a little bit of Chemistry.   But Sophie has a secret, and it could ruin everything.

One of my favourite tropes in romance is where a grumpy grouch softens with some TLC from a love interest and this story has just that.  I loved watching Sophie and Gabe develop chemistry and how Gabe becomes less irritable and we see the real side of him.  Both protagonists have baggage that needs unpacking and Sophie is holding something back which adds a little will they, won’t they to the plot. 

Even in the freezing cold winter, Wishington Bay is still a healing and cosy place.  I hate the cold but reading this made me want to wrap up warm and go walking by the sea.  The inhabitants are as friendly as ever, (mostly) and I love the friendships that the characters have.

This is a charming, feel good novel with a stunning setting and some good friends inside. I am really hoping we get the chance to visit Wishington Bay again.

Author Bio – Maxine Morrey

Maxine Morrey is a bestselling romantic comedy author with eight books to her name including Winter’s Fairytale and the top ten hit The Christmas Project. She lives in West Sussex. Her first novel for Boldwood, #No Filter, was published in November 2019.

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