Lucy’s Last Chance by Elle Sweet – Blog tour

Today I am honoured to be joining the blog tour for Lucy’s Last Chance by Elle Sweet. Thanks to Emma at for organising this tour and to Elle Sweet for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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Lucy was a high-powered attorney who had a nervous breakdown after her husband left her. Broken, she came to the town of Moonshire Bay to start over as a yoga instructor; determined to find inner peace in all things this time around.

Brant is running for Mayor and running after Lucy, but she is scared of his drive and need for success.

Can Lucy realize she’s stronger than she thinks and take a chance on love?

My Thoughts

Lucy’s Last Chance is part of the Moonshine Bay Series however works really well as a stand alone romance. Lucy has appeared in other stories but this one is mainly focussed on her journey. There is no doubt that I will be returning to Moonshine Bay to indulge in the journeys of other characters as I enjoyed this trip so much.

This is a lovely sweet and clean romance that is great to indulge in on a lazy day or a day when you need something uplifting and heartwarming to read. Lucy is intent on purchasing a building which would be perfect for a home and her new business until Brandt, who is also the mayor of Moonshine Bay) pips her at the post. To make matters more complicated, there are definite sparks between the two and both have broken hearts that need mending.

Both Brandt and Lucy are adorable characters and really deserve something good to happen to them. I did get a little frustrated at them both and their stubborness but I also enjoyed the direction of the plot. The pace was quick and this isn’t a long read but it was so enjoyable. 

I found the community of Moonshine bay charming and really wanted to join them. I always enjoy a series set around its inhabitants and this one was no different. It just made me want to know more about the other characters.

An adorable romantic read and the discover of a new series makes this a winner for me.

Author Bio – Elle Sweet

Elle Sweet is the pen name of mystery author Laina Turner.

I started writing ten years ago, and it was always my intent and desire to write romance. However, in my first book, someone died. It just happened and turned the romance into a mystery.

Twenty-some books later, and I decided enough was enough. I was going to do what I’d initially set out to do at the start of my writing journey. Write a book where no one died (It’s not as easy as you think).

I can’t tell you how much fun I had writing Finding Rachel and the three others set in the small town of Moonshire Bay. Finding Rachel is out now and Ari’s Adventure will release in spring of 2020 with the third book set to follow in the early summer of 2020.

How did I come up with my pen name? Elle for the “L” in Laina and Sweet was my grandfather’s last name. I wanted something that had a story. I originally wanted to call myself LuluBell after a pet cow I once had, but the family shot that one down.

Born and raised in the midwest, I live in Indiana with my husband, three amazing children, and our dogs Duke and Macy.

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Published on 12th August 2020 in digital format



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