The Perfect Couple by Lisa Hall – Book Review

Thank you to Lisa Hall, HQ and Netgalley for an ARC copy of the book in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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When Emily applies for a job as a housekeeper for widower Rupert, it’s a chance to start over – a steady job and regular money means she can work towards her own place, not sharing a grimy flat with old mate, Mags.

As Emily gets to know more about Rupert’s world – how he likes his supper when he comes in from work, who his friends are – she can make sure everything runs like clockwork for him.

Soon there’s a spark between them; Rupert likes Emily and invites her to stay. For good.

To the outside world, they really seem to be a perfect match. There’s just the small issue of what really happened to Rupert’s first wife…

A gripping, razor-sharp game of cat and mouse, from the bestselling author, Lisa Hall.

My Thoughts

This novel has so much going on and I flew through it.  So many questions are reared during the first half of the book and I had to keep reading until I knew the answers.  I will apologise for my vague review however this is a novel you need to read with a s little background as possible beyond the blurb.

Despite having a seemingly perfect life together after a whirlwind romance, there are indications that all is not well in paradise.  Emily is receiving sinister messages, Rupert seems to keep secrets – particularly around his deceased first wife, Mags (Emily”s friend) seems to be acting strangely and Rupert’s friends all seem to be a little off.

Lisa Hall has a knack for creating characters that the reader does not fall immediately in love with.  Each of the main characters behave in ways that arouse suspicion.  As a reader, I bonded with none of the characters but boy was I fascinated by each and everyone of them.

The plot develops quickly and moves at a fast pace and little clues are dotted throughout the whole novel although I had so many theories about what was happening and they constantly changed.

This book is a great domestic thriller and I highly recommend it.  It kept me on my toes throughout and built to a fabulous finish.

Author Bio – Lisa Hall


Lisa loves words, reading and everything there is to love about books. She has dreamed of being a writer since she was a little girl – either that or a librarian – and after years of talking about it, was finally brave enough to put pen to paper (and let people actually read it). Lisa lives in a small village in Kent, surrounded by her towering TBR pile, a rather large brood of children, dogs, chickens and ponies and her long-suffering husband. She is also rather partial to eating cheese and drinking wine.
Readers can follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaHallAuthor

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