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Thank to Julie Butterfield for a copy of this book in return for an honest review and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this blog tour.

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As an agony aunt, Fliss Carmichael should have all the answers but when her own marriage begins unraveling at the seams, she hasn’t a clue where to start. After a simple mistake causes an unintended role swap, she becomes the one seeking advice from an unlikely source!

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My Thoughts

What an adorable novel!

I loved everything about this book.  The characters were down to earth and relateable, the plot was realistic and some aspects will resonate with most readers and the arrangement of the narrative is interesting and refreshing.

The novel is told from the perspectives of Fliss and Ellie through narrative and longer emails.  Romantic Ellie is deeply in love with a colleague who doesn’t know she exists so seeks advice from a newspaper agony aunt, Fliss.  As Fliss replies to Ellie, she comes to the realisation that all is not well in her own 18 year marriage and  has some close reflection to do.  Exchanging advice and both trying to solve their problems and unusual friendship and some very  unusual situations blossom.

I loved the characters of Fliss and Ellie.  Very different in personality and life but both equally endearing.  Fliss is older and has been married for a while.  She feels there is something missing form her life and love so sets about fixing it – with many an amusing mishap.  She is confident and a little glamorous but has such a  big heart.  Ellie is younger and much less confident in herself.  She lives the quiet life.  I think most women will be able to see parts of themselves reflected in these women.  I also loved Ellie’s friend Laura.  A whole bundle of craziness but a wonderful friend.

The narrative follows both women as they offer each other advice alongside updates of their own situation. I enjoyed the emails too and thought these were a nice touch.

A romance with a bit of a different angle and I highly recommend.

Agony Auntics

Author Bio – Julie Butterfield

jb amazon

Julie Butterfield belongs to the rather large group of ‘always wanted to write’ authors who finally found the time to sit down and put pen to paper – or rather fingers to keyboard.
She wrote her first book purely for pleasure and was very surprised to discover that so many people enjoyed the story and wanted more, so she decided to carry on writing.
It has to be pointed out that her first novel, ‘Did I Mention I Won The Lottery’ is a complete work of fiction and she did not, in fact, receive millions in her bank account and forget to mention it to her husband – even though he still asks her every day if she has anything to tell him

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