The Curator (Washington Poe Book 3) by M. W. Craven – Blog Tour

Thanks to Beth Wright for organising this blog tour and to Little Brown Book Group, M. W. Craven and Netgalley for a copy of this novel in return for an honest review.

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It’s Christmas and a serial killer is leaving displayed body parts all over Cumbria. A strange message is left at each scene: #BSC6. Called in to investigate, the National Crime Agency’s Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw are faced with a case that makes no sense. Why were some victims anaesthetized, while others died in appalling agony? Why is their only suspect denying what they can irrefutably prove but admitting to things they weren’t even aware of? And why did the victims all take the same two weeks off work three years earlier?

And when a disgraced FBI agent gets in touch things take an even darker turn. Because she doesn’t think Poe is dealing with a serial killer at all; she thinks he’s dealing with someone far, far worse – a man who calls himself the Curator.

And nothing will ever be the same again…

My Thoughts

The Curator is Book 3 in the Washington Poe series and although I highly recommend reading in order so that you get a feel for the character development and few recurring themes, it can be read as a stand alone and will work well.  If you are a fan of dark and disturbing crime thrillers and you have yet to discover this series then I highly recommend you hop over to your favourite books seller and get started.

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Poe is back and this time he is on the hunt for a serial killer responsible for some very unusual deaths.  As always with a Poe story, there is just as much fun trying to figure out the how as there is in the who and the why.  I’m highly sure there isn’t a reader around who can work out all three at any point in the novel.

Somehow, Craven weaves a tangled web or mystery and crime and just when you think you have some answers….BAM! the rug is pulled from under your feet and everything you thought you knew is reset.  Yet again, the plot is always unique and fresh and every detail is immaculately plotted and woven into the narrative.  I have to say there is nothing else like it out there.  I have been convinced for a while that Matt is an evil genius.  How on Earth he constructs his plots is something I don’t think I want to know about.  Every reveal is jaw dropping and the hits just keep on coming until one hell of a conclusion.  (How could you?)

Poe and Tilly are a dream team and I adore them both.  I have , in the past professed my allegiance to #teamtilly however I have to say I think Poe is starting to catch up.  I was overjoyed to see that Tilly herself has much more ‘screen’ time in The Curator which I loved.  I am so pleased that Tilly has grown in character and learned so much but still stays true to who she is and what she’s about.  Poe is also slowly softening a little and is such a loyal friend to his team although I would love to see him ask Estelle out.  Along with Flynn I feel that they are like a little family who are willing to completely risk anything for each other.

I cannot recommend this book (or series) enough.  The characters become your best friends, and the cases are dark, disturbing and unlike anything else.  Seriously……..go read them!

Author Bio – M. W. Craven


M. W. Craven was born in Carlisle but grew up in Newcastle, running away to join the army at the tender age of sixteen. He spent the next ten years travelling the world having fun, leaving in 1995 to complete a degree in social work with specialisms in criminology and substance misuse. Thirty-one years after leaving Cumbria, he returned to take up a probation officer position in Whitehaven, eventually working his way up to chief officer grade. Sixteen years later he took the plunge, accepted redundancy and became a full-time author. He now has entirely different motivations for trying to get inside the minds of criminals . . .

M. W. Craven is married and lives in Carlisle with his wife, Joanne. When he isn’t out with his springer spaniel, or talking nonsense in the pub, he can usually be found at punk gigs and writing festivals up and down the country.


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