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Today I am honoured to be joining the blog tour  for The Wave by Virginia Moffatt. Thanks to Emma at for organising this tour and to Virginia Moffatt and to One More Chapter for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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Tonight they’ll share their darkest secrets, but tomorrow, there is no escape…

A devastating tsunami is heading towards the Cornish coast. With no early warning and limited means of escape, many people won’t get away in time.

While the terrifying reality of the news hits home, one young woman posts a message on Facebook, ‘With nowhere to run to, I’m heading to my favourite beach to watch the sunset, who wants to join me?’

A small group of people follow her lead and head towards the beach; each of them are harbouring their own stories, and their own secrets.

As they come together in the dying light of the Cornish sunset, they will discover something much more powerful than they ever imagined. But there is no escaping the dawn … the wave is coming…

My Thoughts

Wow!  Such a  thought provoking novel.  This concept has been playing on my mind for days.  What if you only had a day to live?  What would you do?  Where would you go? Who would you be with? Such a deep question to ponder.

When Poppy realises there’s no escaping the pending Tsunami about to hit the Cornish Coast she puts a message on Facebook inviting people to join her at her favourite beach to watch the sunset, not really expecting a response.  What she doesn’t expect is to be joined by a random group of people, all preparing to face the inevitable.

Seeing the final hours unfold through the eyes of various characters really adds to this novel.  Yes, some events are repeated a little however it’s interesting to view them from differing perspectives.  You do need to focus to keep up with the changing narrative but personally I enjoy books that show these.  The character development is so well written and the more we learn about each character, the more they come to life and begin to feel like people we actually know.  As their fate grows closer, the characters become more open and begin to divulge their regrets, secrets and life stories making this an extremely emotional read.  There are also lighter moments that really use observation of human behaviour.  I think we all have an idea of how things would be or how we would like to act in this situation and I am also aware that it’s unlikely that would be the reality.  Moffatt has really explored this through these varied characters.

The whole novel is a study of human behaviour and the way different character traits interact, and behave in a time of crisis.  This heavily involves social media as this is very much a modern way of keeping in touch.  If you cannot be with loved ones then what’s the best way to feel connected? Interesting question given the current climate.

This is such a thought provoking and compelling read and I loved it.

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Author Bio – Virginia Moffatt

Virginia Moffatt (c) Stephanie Bretherton

Virginia Moffatt was born in London, one of eight children, several of whom are writers. ‘The Wave’ is her second novel. Her previous publications are ‘Echo Hall’ (Unbound) and ‘Rapture and what comes after’ (Flash fiction collection published by Gumbo Press). She also writes non fiction. Virginia is married to Chris Cole, Director of Drone Wars UK. They have two daughters at University and a son still living with them in Oxford.

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Published in paperback and digital format by One More Chapter on 5th September 2019.


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