How Not To Be A Loser by Beth Moran – Blog Tour

How not to be a Loser Blog Tour

Thank you to Megan Townsend and Boldwood Publishing for organising this tour and to Beth Moran, Boldwood and Netgalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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Amy Piper is a loser. She’s lost her confidence, her mojo and her way.

But one thing she has never lost is her total love for her thirteen-year-old son Joey, and for his sake she knows it’s time for a change. But first she has to be brave enough to leave the house…

What she needs are friends and an adventure. And when she joins a running group of women who call themselves The Larks, she finds both. Not to mention their inspiring (and rather handsome) coach, Nathan.

Once upon a time Amy was a winner – at life, at sport and in love. Now, with every ounce of strength she has left, she is determined to reclaim the life she had, for herself and for Joey. And who knows, she might just be a winner again – at life, sport, and love, if she looks in the right places…

Uplifting, funny and unforgettable, Beth Moran returns with a joyous tale of friendship, love and facing your fears. 

My Thoughts

This has to be one of the most uplifting books I have ever read.  It’s crawled it’s way into my heart and has become a little bit of a favourite.  I simply loved it!

Amy is a loser! Or at least she has spent the past few years convincing herself that she is, leading to some complicated and debilitating mental health issues.  After a few devastating events where she couldn’t be there for her son, Amy decides to create a plan and that she will no longer be a loser.

This novel has everything.  Love, friendship, parenthood, community and finding your strength can all be found within the pages.  It’s a heartwarming tale with fabulous characters and a whole load of spirit.

I adored Amy from the very beginning and became completely invested in her journey to reclaim her former self.  My heart broke every time she had a set back and when she was successful with her plan I felt pride and joy for her.  As the narrative moved along and we saw more of the old Amy, I loved her even more.

Surrounded by some Wacky new friends, an adorable 13 year old and a lovely new trainer, Amy’s journey was a delight to read.

Highly recommended.

Author Bio – Beth Moran


Beth Moran initially worked as a biochemist and then taught antenatal classes before becoming an author. She loves to write contemporary women`s fiction set in and around Sherwood Forest, where she lives with her family.


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