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A huge thanks to Caroline Vincent of Bits About Books for organising this tour and to Wes Markin for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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Rise of the Rays book cover


Wes Markin’s most heart-pounding and dark thriller yet

They say that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. How the people of Wiltshire wished that were true.

When Paul Ray decides to burn down his evil family’s legacy, he falls into the clutches of those he thought gone.

And now Detective Yorke and his team face a race against time to find Paul before Wiltshire again falls under the dark spell of a ruthless family.

Unfortunately for Yorke, the answers lie in the most sinister of places. The beating heart of a long-dead killer.

Can Yorke find the truth before it’s too late? Or will the curse of the Ray family prove too strong?

The DCI Yorke Series:


#1 One Last Prayer for the Rays           : https://amzn.to/2SzR3jo
#2 The Repenting Serpent                       :
#3 The Silence of Severance                  :
#4 Rise of the Rays                                   : https://amzn.to/2E6WGNU
#5 Dance with the Reaper*                      : https://amzn.to/3bM9YPF
*Out July 31st, now available for pre-order

My Thoughts

I haven’t been able to read book 2 and 3 yet however after reading book 1, One Last Prayer for the Rays (Check out my review here), I did have weird pig relates dreams for a few nights so I must say I approached this novel with a little trepidation…and I was right to :-).

If you like your thrillers dark and disturbing (as I do) then you will not be disappointed by this latest installment of DCI York.  Paul Ray is determined to wipe out the last traces of his depraved family by burning down the family home but it seems there may be more left of The Rays than he initially thought.  Can York battle the Rays once again and finally be rid of this family.

Somehow Wes Markin has a gift for bringing pure evil alive.  His writing encapsulates all evil that we tell ourselves doesn’t exist to get through each day but deep down we know it does.  Markin explores the deepest and darkest corners of the human psyche and isn’t afraid to put it all on show for all of us to see.  In a mainstream crime novel, he pushes some serious boundaries with his storytelling and I love it!

Highly recommended for fans of darker crime novels and people who are not easily disturbed.  Now……I must catch up before Book 5 is released.

Author Bio – Wes Markin

Wes Markin Author Image

Wes Markin is a hyperactive English teacher, who loves writing crime fiction with a twist of the macabre.

Having finished the fourth instalment in the DCI Yorke series, Rise of the Rays, Wes is now working on the fifth instalment of DCI Yorke’s wild ride. He is also the author of Defined, a prequel to his DCI Yorke novels, which takes the reader back to his blood-soaked university days.

Born in 1978, Wes grew up in Manchester, UK. After graduating from Leeds University, he spent fifteen years as a teacher of English, and has taught in Thailand, Malaysia and China. Now as a teacher, writer, husband and father, he is currently living in Harrogate, UK.

Wes Markin on Social Media

Twitter                                    twitter.com/MarkinWes
Facebook Author Page       
Goodreads Author Page     
Amazon Author Page          

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