Molly’s Magic Brolly by Sarah Morrell – Children’s Book Review

Thanks to Sarah Morrell for a copy of this book in exchange for an unbaised review and to Claire Cumberland from Blue Falcon Publishing for organising.

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Molly is desperate for a nice, new dolly. So, when Grannie sends her a special gift, Molly is sure it’s the dolly she’s been dreaming of…

but she’s in for a surprise!

Molly’s Magic Brolly is an enchanting tale of new adventures and old friends.

This beautiful picture book will take young readers on a journey of magic and wonder! Aimed at children up to approximately 7 years old, it contains an important lesson about gratitude and appreciation, which is brought to life by playful colour illustrations.

My Thoughts

I adore this picture book!

Molly is a typical little girl who has her heart set on a brand new dolly to replace the tatty one that she has.  At first, her gift from granny does not please her but Molly soon learns that all is not what it seems.

Molly’s adventures on her magic brolly are a delightful addition to any child’s story collection.  Each mini adventure takes the reader to a different place/experience and gives then the opportunity to explore and discuss in detail.  The illustrations add an extra depth to each place she visits and gives children the chance to experience them through visual stimuli too.  In addition to the main story, there is a lesson to be learned – sometimes things aren’t what they seem!

As a teacher this book would bring so many opportunities to a classroom.  Write about Molly’s adventures, create extra adventures for Molly or even write about your own magic brolly.  It’s a fabulous way to explore story settings or even to use as a tool in Geography to explore new places.  Not to mention that the children will just love reading about Molly.

Such a delightful children’s book with so much adventure to give a child.



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