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Thank you to Heather Fitt for organising this blog tour and to Andrew Marsh of a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Jack Janson and the Storm Caller Ebook Cover oct 2019 revision


Jack Janson is nearly fourteen, an only child living with his parents who hate him almost as much as they hate each other. The only good things about his life are the girl next door, Sarah-Jane Farmer, whom he adores, and his Granny Jean in Cornwall who he spends the summer holidays with.

His gran is cool but she is hiding a HUGE secret. As her health fails, she decides to share the secret with Jack.

Gran leads Jack to a cave.

“Boom Tom tum” a loud voice echoes and a rock opens up to reveal a young giant called Winfred Storm Caller. Gran has been looking after the friendly giant since pirates killed his mother, but she needs Jack to care for Winfred.

Sarah-Jane arrives to help and they uncover The Book Of Lore hidden in the cave.

What magic does it possess?

Have they found a way to get Winfred home to his own lands?

Are Sarah-Jane and Jack brave enough to use the book to save Granny Jean’s life?

My Thoughts

Jack Janson and the Storm Caller is a great novel for introducing young teens to the fantasy genre.  It keeps a setting that YA are familiar with but adds in characters and magic to give the novel that fantasy element.  I’d say that this novel does have a little content that is too old for the middle grade group (mainly sexual innuendo) but it’s also a little young for older readers (although I still loved it and I am well out of that age bracket).

The plot is lots of fun and a gentle way to introduce the fantasy genre.  I love the fact that Jack is given a legacy, passed from his Granny Jean and forges such a lovely relationship with Winifred.  The setting of the cottage, beach and caves provides a beautiful backdrop to accompany this tale.  As with most books in a series, this first book really explores the characters and  back story ready to delve into more adventures in the next installments.

For me personally this novel is about relationships and navigating a specific time in adolescence.  Jack himself is, in many ways, a typical teen boy of almost 14 but in other ways he has a mature and insightful perspective on life and the people around him. His parents are fairly cold towards him but some reasons are revealed later on.  I did find myself feeling very angry towards them but I also had to think that pretty much every teen thinks this about their parents.  Granny Jean was by far my favourite character.  She was totally in tune with Jack and his ways and who doesn’t love a feisty older character?  His friend SJ and the developing relationship with Winifred also feature very heavily too.  Overall the relationships in this story are portrayed in a tender and beautiful way.

The plot, setting and characters are all well developed and this is a really enjoyable gem.  I’m looking forward to more adventures with Jack.

Author Bio – Andrew Marsh

andrew marsh profile close up

Author, speaker, story teller.

Andrew is a 55 year old former geologist from the construction industry who discovered a passion for writing inspired by things that happened at work, on sites, and in life generally.

With the winnings from his appearance on The Weakest Link in 2003, he self-published his first novel, The Long And Winding Road in 2004.

In 2014 he self-published his second novel The Truth, an adult crime thriller which is still available in Amazon in both formats.

Since then he has written a fantasy trilogy, which is still being worked on and his current Young Adult WIP, the Jack Janson series.

Four years ago, Andrew was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which has brought great understanding to his life and this has also prompted him to write poetry on a number of topics, including his Asperger’s.

Andrew attends the Writers’ Summer School, Swanwick, has presented there on two occasions and also served on the committee.

Andrew also blogs about writing.



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