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Thanks to Ann Cater of Random Things Tours for organising this blog tour and to Michael P Michaud and Black Opal Books Books for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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Finally, a book series for all of the weirdos of the world!

THE INTROVERT CONFOUNDS INNOCENCE (Black Opal Books; October 5, 2019; 978-1644371213) continues the story of the eponymous anti-hero introduced in THE INTROVERT.

With his life disrupted by an unscrupulous work colleague and a bully at his son Toby’s school, things go from bad to worse when his neighbor’s abusive boyfriend goes missing, plunging the introvert into the center of a murder investigation.

Increasingly hounded by a meddlesome detective, and with his thoughts continually urging him to make people “red and open” and to “achieve it” with his girlfriend Donna, what follows is a sometimes brutal, oftentimes hilarious, and absurdist account of the life of one very anti-social and unexpected anti-hero.

My Thoughts

No Judgement here but I’m sure I’m not the only person on this Earth to have slightly inappropriate thoughts when people are annoying me.  (anyone?)  I also have a wondering mind (I refer to it as a bad version of a word association game) and often find myself miles away from a conversation because a phrase has triggered a new line of thought.  So, when I open a book and begin to read about a character who has similar thoughts then I’m hooked.

Despite being a sequel to The Introvert (which I have not yet read), this books works well as a stand alone novel although I get the feeling the character of The Introvert (name unknown) is introduced and explored in more detail.

The main protagonist,  very anti-social, quirky gentleman is absolutely fascinating and as the novella is written from first person the reader gets a real feel of the character and inside his head.  The character is developed in such a masterful way that he really gets under your skin in various ways.  I’m still completely undecided whether I completely love him or if I would find him difficult to be around but that’s the beauty of this book.  Usually I will side with a character or detest them (I love characters I hate) but in this case I simple cannot decide where I lay or how I completely feel about him.

The plot itself has elements of comedy, love and protection and some dark but humorous moments too.  The Introvert just cannot seem to help getting himself into tricky situations that he particularly finds difficult to deal with.  He often sees things in black and white and has no filter regarding what he says but what’s really fascinating is the conversations he has with himself – showing that he’s trying to make sense of confusing social norms and rules.

This is such a fun and addictive novella with a very fascinating and multi-dimensional main protagonist.  I adored The Introvert and cannot wait to read the first one to catch up.

Author Bio – Michael P. Michaud

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Michaud is an American-Canadian citizen, an Assistant Crown Attorney in the Greater Toronto Area, and author of BILLY TABBS (& THE GLORIOUS DARROW) (bitingduckpress) and THE INTROVERT series (Black Opal Books). He holds a B.A. in English from McMaster University, an Honors B.A. in Political Science (summa cum laude) from McMaster University, a J.D. from The University of Western Ontario (with an international exchange completed at Washington & Lee), and is a member of Crime Writers of Canada and International Thriller Writers. Michaud has won awards for both his work as a criminal prosecutor and for his work with the community. He has also made regular appearances on SiriusXM’s Canada Talks.

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