Hanukkah at the Great Greenwich Ice Creamery by Sharon Ibbotson

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Thank you to Sharon Ibbotson and Choc-Lit for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  Also thanks to Rachel  at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this blog tour.

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Hanukkah days, Christmas nights and strawberry ice cream …

Cohen Ford is a man who could do with a little bit of sweetening up. It’s no surprise that when he walks into The Great Greenwich Ice Creamery on a typically gloomy London day before Christmas, he insists on a black coffee rather than his childhood favourite – strawberry ice cream.

But then he meets River de Luca, the woman behind the flavours. After their first encounter, Cohen begins visiting the ice creamery every Tuesday, gradually learning more about the intriguing River. Could her influence encourage cynical Cohen to become the man who embraces Christmas, Hanukkah and even strawberry ice cream?

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hanukkah-Great-Greenwich-Creamery-heart-warming-ebook/dp/B07ZP92PZ8

US – https://www.amazon.com/Hanukkah-Great-Greenwich-Creamery-heart-warming-ebook/dp/B07ZP92PZ8

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a festive romance but like you characters a little less typical then this is a novel you are going to love!

Cohen is a workaholic and is deeply unhappy for a variety of reasons.  On an errand into Greenwich to drop off a gift, he meets River.  River is deaf and works in the Ice creamery.  Abandoned by her birth parents and made deaf by meningitis, River has no luck in the romance department, that is until Cohen enters her life.  Captivated by River, Cohen visits the Ice creamery daily to learn more about her and a romance blossoms.  Can she push through his barriers and melt his frosty exterior?

My favourite aspect of this book is the combination of the two religions.  There are so many books involving Christmas (I’m not complaining because I love them) and it is really refreshing to read one with a different perspective but also I loved how Hanukkah and Christmas were combined and dually celebrated within the plot.  The setting may have been dreary London in the Winter but the vibe from this story is nothing but heartwarming and vibrant.

Both the main characters have been written with care and great though has been given to their back stories and their personalities.  It’s hard to go into the characters fully as        I feel the details about them are integral to the story and it would add spoilers but they really do snuggle into your heart.

This is such a heartwarming and delightful story with a colourful mix of traditions and celebrations.  I’ll definitely be looking out for other books by this author.

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Author Bio – Sharon Ibbotson

Author Bio – Sharon was born in Sydney, Australia but now lives in London with her husband, two small children and two black cats named for desserts. She started writing ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ fanfiction aged 15, which eventually transformed into the historical romance novels she writes today. She has two novels published by Choc Lit, and when not writing, can be found baking cakes badly or drinking wine well.

Social Media Links –

Twitter: @seibbotson

Facebook: Sharon Ibbotson – Author

Instagram: sharonibbotson

Website: sharonibbotson.com

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