The Pact by Amy Heydenrych – Blog Tour


A huge thanks to Tracy Fenton from for organising this tour and to Amy Heydenrych, Zaffre and Netgalley for a copy of this novel in return for a fair and unbiased review.



What if a prank leads to murder?

When Freya arrives at her dream job with the city’s hottest start-up, she can’t wait to begin a new and exciting life, including dating her new colleague Jay. However, Nicole, Jay’s ex and fellow employee, seems intent on making her life a misery.

After a big deadline, where Nicole continually picks on her, Freya snaps and tells Jay about the bullying and together they concoct a revenge prank. The next morning, Nicole is found dead in her apartment . . .

Is this just a prank gone wrong? Or does Freya know someone who is capable of murder – and could she be next?

My Thoughts

Let’s be honest!  We’ve all met those colleagues/people who make visit our dark-sides in daydreams – the ones where we come up the most interesting ways of exacting petty revenge.  (Please tell me it isn’t just me).  Well Amy Heydenrych brings this concept to life in The Pact.

Freya and Jay decide to make this a reality when Jay’s ex and Freya’s colleague Nicole wears them down by her persistent bullying.  After constructing a prank things take a turn for the worst when Nicole is found dead the next morning.  So begins the thrilling and paranoid ride into Freya’s world.

The narration is through the eyes of Freya and journalist Isla and although the story beings after Nicole’s death the timeline of the book is not linear.  This way of writing takes more concentration than some novels but I like it.  I love the feeling of getting to a really interesting part only for time to jump and then I have to wait a while to return.  For me, The Pact did this and I just couldn’t stop turning the pages so I could find out what happened next in each narrative or timeline.  It’s like a giant jigsaw that takes a bit more effort that expected but leaves you with such a good feeling when you make it to the end.

The plot is cleverly and intricately pulled together through a labrynth of twists and turns and I found it totally gripping.




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