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Thank you to Jerry Rhodes and Rachael Messiter for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Also thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this blog tour.

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Harry is a mischievous young dog, adored by his family, Dad and Mum, Maisie (8) and Max (5). When the family leave him on his own he creates chaos. Dad demands, “That bad dog must go!” Alone and sad in bed that evening, Max asks, “Can anyone help?” How will the Thunkies respond to his call?

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My Thoughts

Home Alone Harry is such a delightful book for families to share.

Harry’s family go out one day without him and in distress Harry gets up to mischief. Rather than send him away, the family decide on a plan of action to help Harry understand that he is loved but people are in charge. With the help of the Thunkies, can Harry change his ways?

This simple but effective story is a great way to engage the whole family in training a dog together. It explains to younger members why something that may seem a little unkind is actually good for a dog and how it helps long term.

By naming and explaining how the emotions impact behaviour I think most children will completely identify with Harry and see a little if themselves reflected back. It’s an excellent gateway into conversations with children about how behaviour is often how people communicate emotions.

The Thunkies are an excellent tool to explain how the characters are thinking and as a teacher I can see how this process would really work to discuss characters and also how to deal with behaviours that younger children may exhibit.

The illustrations really compliment the characters emotions well and help bring the story to life.

This is such a simple and effective children’s book that works on so many levels.

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Author/Illustrator Bios

Author Jerry

Jerry Rhodes’ life-long research and teaching is the inspiration behind ‘Home Alone Harry’, this first book in a series for children featuring the cartoon characters, Thunkies®. After completing his degree and teacher training at Oxford University, Jerry’s career as a school-master was cut short by polio. He changed course to a management career in industry, discovered his talents for creativity, and formed his world-wide consultancy to collaborate with international organisations. A special project with Philips led to the discovery of ‘Thinking-Intentions’, to which he has now given the playful name, Thunkies®. Jerry writes his books from his weather-beaten old farmhouse in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds.

Author Rachael Rachael Messiter. Author and Dog Listener with Magpie at Mission Wolf Colorado.JPG

Rachael Messiter, a Dog Listener, uses the approach known as Amichien® Bonding pioneered by Jan Fennell. Rachael has her own practice, Talking Paws, based in Staffordshire. Previously she lived with wolves for close on two years in Colorado, USA, to learn how packs work. She has identified a group of issues that dog owners experience that are due to the well-meaning but flawed behaviours of owners, rather than ‘nuisance’ dogs. How to properly avoid and resolve such troublesome issues will be the theme of each book in the series Thunkies® love Dogs.

Illustrator Nicky and her dogs

Nicky Hill is an illustrator and storyteller from Winterbourne near Bristol. Her artwork is featured throughout the Thunkies® Love Dogs books, bringing a bright, vibrant style that captures the imagination. A great lover of animals both wild and domestic, Nicky also illustrates and writes her own series of books about ‘The Wotton Pack’; a group of inquisitive pooches who spend their days and nights having many adventures. She currently lives with her own pack of three dogs in Wotton-under-Edge, a small town in Gloucestershire, where she also co-runs the shop called ‘The Collective’.

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Pinterest – thunkiesteam
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