The Magic Carpet by Jessica Norrie – Blog Tour

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Thanks to Ann Cater of Random Things Tours for organising this blog tour and to Jessica Norrie for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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Outer London, September 2016, and neighbouring eight-year-olds have homework: prepare a traditional story to perform with their families at a school festival. But Nathan’s father thinks his son would be better off doing sums; Sky’s mother’s enthusiasm is as fleeting as her bank balance, and there’s a threatening shadow hanging over poor Alka’s family. Only Mandeep’s fragile grandmother and new girl Xoriyo really understand the magical powers of storytelling. As national events and individual challenges jostle for the adults’ attention, can these two bring everyone together to ensure the show will go on?


My Thoughts

I must admit that I got an expected but completely welcome surprise when I read this book.  The magic carpet is an intricate and beautifully told tale of a school project and several families involved.  Each child in the class has been allocated a fairy story to take home and make their own any way they wish.

The narratives switches between each family and each chapter is dedicated to a different class member.  Diverse, intriguing and almost voyeuristic, we are allowed to peep into the lives of each family as they tackle the homework project in very different ways.  All the adults in the story are increasingly distracted by events in their own lives and it’s up to the children to bring everyone together.

I adore that Jessica Norrie has given each family a very unique identity through circumstances. culture and race.  Each relationship and situation is delicately written and issues are tackled with sensitivity but bring he characters to life.  I became invested in every single child in this novel.

This is a breathtaking and addictive story about stories, families and children.

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Author Bio – Jessica Norrie

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Jessica Norrie was born in London and studied French Literature and Education at Sussex and Sheffield. She taught English, French and Spanish abroad and in the UK in settings ranging from nursery to university. She has two adult children and divides her time between London and Malvern, Worcestershire.

She has also worked as a freelance translator, published occasional journalism and a French textbook, and blogs at

Jessica sings soprano with any choir that will have her, and has been trying to master the piano since childhood but it’s not her forte.

She left teaching in 2016. The Infinity Pool was her first novel, drawing on encounters while travelling. Her second novel The Magic Carpet is inspired by working with families and their children. The third is bubbling away nicely and should emerge from her cauldron next year.

The Magic Carpet is available at

The Infinity Pool is available at

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely review and for taking part int he blog tour. I really hoped that people working in education would see what I was getting at, so it means a lot to me. (Can’t think how you have time to blog as well and I take my ex teacher’s hat off to you!)

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