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I am over the moon today to be reviewing Pedalo Pandemonium on behalf of Amanda Paul and Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources.  I received a copy of this short story in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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Laura and Ben are still together, against all the odds. Laura’s Family the Scotts are adorable – but they wreak havoc wherever they go. The couple have survived first date silicon dog poo, Christmas mayhem and even dodgy marshmallows.

Their future together may have looked doomed on more than one occasion, but here they are at the airport – eating bacon sandwiches and watching planes take off, as they wait to board their flight to Mallorca.

A whole week in an idyllic Spanish fishing village. Just the two of them. Away from their families and the usual chaos. Wonderful.

What could possibly go wrong…?

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My Thoughts

If you haven’t already read the books or checked out my reviews of the first three Scott Family stories then pop over and take a look.  You won’t be disappointed.  Check them out here.

Poor Ben and Laura.  After a disastrous start to their relationship and a horrific time at Ben’s mother’s birthday party, the lovebirds decide to get away from it all with a week in Mallorca.  No parents or friends to spoil their plans so it should be a doddle…….shouldn’t it?

I was so excited to find out there would be another installment from my favourite comedy family The Scotts.  They are simply hilarious!  I think the main reason I find their mishaps so funny is because I see a lot of my own family members in them.  Amanda Paull has created an everyday family who just seem to accidentally find themselves in the most ridiculous of situations.  My absolute favourite is Mrs Scott who is just plain and simply bonkers in every way.  She is so like my own mother.

Throughout the four short stories the relationship between Ben and Laura has developed and I’ve really enjoyed watching this grow.  Laura is such a sunny character always trying to stay positive and see the good in everything.  She loves her family dearly and I find her really endearing to read about.  Ben is a romantic and obviously has a big heart but I must admit I found him a bit condescending and pompous – not surprising when you’ve read about his parents.

I think reading the first three stories would give you a better overview of the plot but this can be read as a stand alone.  If you want 40 minutes of laugh out loud indulgence then I highly recommend this series of short stories.

Pedalo Pandemonium

Author Bio – Amanda Paull

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My name is Amanda Paull. Well, that’s my pen name, not my real one, which helps to keep my writing separate from my day job.

I grew up in the North East of England and couldn’t wait to move away. However, after studying and then living both in England and abroad, I returned to the North East and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else now.

Going to Grammar school in the days when teachers wore black caps and gowns, and walloped at will, wasn’t much fun for a shy, quiet child like myself. So, I just kept my head down, did my homework and tried to stay invisible.

I used to love daydreaming and making up stories in my head, but I never thought about writing them down. In those days, writing wasn’t an enjoyable pursuit, it was more of a time to tow the line and avoid being hit by a flying blackboard rubber. I was the type of pupil who would have been mortified to have ‘made’ a teacher launch one at me, so I would have shown respect by not ducking.

A short career in teaching was a revelation, to put it mildly. After going back to University, I settled into my current post in the public sector, where I am very happy.

It was Jim, a work colleague, who suggested around 12 years ago that I write a book. Apparently, my contribution to coffee break conversations always seemed to be either tragic or hilarious. But to me it was just normal stuff. No-one would want to read about that.

Then, a couple of years later, while sunbathing in Mallorca with my boyfriend, who is now my husband, and a glass of Cava, the idea of writing a humorous fiction novel came to me. I didn’t need to make it all up though as I had a plentiful supply of funny real life snippets.

To get started, I studied creative writing through the Open University, which fitted nicely around my job and, to my delight, was absolutely nothing like school. The Scott Family Short Stories started out as an assignment for this course. A Christmas Day Kerfuffle was the result of the fictional account of the first Christmas brunch my husband spent with my family. Of all the short stories, this one has more true snippets in it than the others. The taxi driver and bike box scene in Pedalo Pandemonium was pretty true to life, too. The driver looked different, but the airport to hotel transfer only required slight embellishment.

I also write Women’s Fiction. Pictures in the Sky was my debut novel, and I am currently writing my second, Painting Bananas.

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