A huge Thank you to The Write Reads


Once Upon a Time…….

in a land called Twitterville there lived many many people who shared a love of books.  The problem was, Twitterville was such a busy and bustling place that the book lovers struggled to find each other and continued to face the town trolls alone. 

Suddenly, a welcome voice came out of the fog, calling all the book lovers together. 

“I now proclaim us The Write Reads Gang!” he proclaimed loudly across the fog.

He provided a home for book lovers to talk and share their ideas and thoughts.  A place free of trolls but full of love and support for all things bookish was born and the bookish people of Twitterville were happy and no longer alone. 

Everyday the inhabitants shared blog of the day and book review of the day.  Giveaways a plenty helped to highlight new and interesting books and the blog tours were mammoth and so supportive. 

The bookish folk of Twitterville had everything they ever wanted.  


If you are a book blogger and haven’t joined https://twitter.com/The_WriteReads yet then pop along and say hi today.  We chat, share posts and there’s blog of the day and review of the day, giveaways and blog tours.  It’s a brilliant safe place to meet other book bloggers and it has such a brilliant effect on your views and stats.

You have nothing to loose.

Thank you Dave for starting such a  fabulous group and for allowing and supporting it to grow in the way it has.  We are all truly appreciative to you and we do know how much time and effort you must put in to support us all.

Thank You – love The Gang




  1. Very well said! The Write Reads is such a welcoming and inclusive community ❤ Big thanks to Dave and everything he does to support book bloggers 🙏

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