My Lemon Grove Summer by Jo Thomas – Blog Tour

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Thanks to Ann Cater and Random Things Tours for organising this blog tour and to Jo Thomas and Headline for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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Could the lemon groves of Sicily be the perfect place to start over? Zelda’s impulsive nature has got her precisely nowhere up until now. A fresh start in a beautiful hilltop town in Sicily looking for new residents, together with her best friend Lennie, could be just what she needs. And who better to settle down with than the person who knows her best?
But the sun-filled skies and sparkling seas can’t hide the shadow hanging over Citta d’Ora, which means not everyone is pleased to see their arrival. The dreams Zelda and her fellow new residents had of setting up a new life might be slipping away. But a friendship with restauranteur Luca could be about to unlock the possibilities that lie in the local lemon groves. And there’s a wedding on the horizon that might be just what the town needs to turn it around…

My Thoughts

Well what a refreshing and delightful escape this novel was.  From the very first page I just sat back, relaxed and let the Sicilian sun wash over me as I joined Zelda on her lemon grove adventures.

When attending a rather sorry looking party for a friend, Zelda realised that she’s fast approaching 40 and all she has to show for it is a failed business attempt and a failed relationship.  Offering her a relationship and a new life in Italy, her best friend Lennie reminds Zelda of a pact they made when younger and away they go.  Arriving in the small, rundown village of Citta D’ Ora it’s clear that not everything and everyone is all they seem. But, when life gives you lemons……

The setting in this novel is just superb.  The passion for Italy comes through the detail and description of the places and the food and either Ms Thomas is a regular visitor to this region or she has the most amazing research and imaginative skills.  It didn’t take much effort on my behalf to be sucked in to the novel and to soak up the sun through the words on the pages.

I adored the multiple levels that this novel works on.  There is a romance aspect which I adored but there is the additional hints around Zelda’s past which adds depth to the development of her character.  There is also the narrative surrounding the other guests in the village and the prospect that somebody doesn’t want the newcomers to relocate there.

There’s ever a dull moment!

Highly recommended wonderful summer read – Go on….I know you want to!       

Author Bio – Jo Thomas

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Jo Thomas worked for many years as a reporter and producer, first for BBC Radio 5, before moving on to Radio 2’s The Steve Wright Show. In 2013, Jo won the RNA Katie Fforde Bursary. Her debut novel, The Oyster Catcher, was a runaway bestseller in ebook and was awarded the 2014 RNA Joan Hessayon Award and the 2014 Festival of Romance Best Ebook Award. Jo lives in the Vale of Glamorgan with her husband and three children


    • If you ste looking for summer romance books I have a lot on my blog but I loved The Little Village of Happiness, The Vintage Carousel by the Sea, The Summer of Chasing Dreams.
      I love a good location read


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