My Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2019 So Far

It’s hard to believe we are already approaching halfway through 2019 and what a year it has been over on my blog.  As a little look back I thought I’d compose a few round up posts.  In this post I want to share my most popular posts of 2019 based on views.

As this post is based purely on statistics, watch out my own personal favourite books of 2019 coming soon!

Number 1 – The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven – Blog Tour

paperback cover

One of my absolute favourites of the year so far and I’m actually in the middle of the second book in the series – Black Summer.  Featuring the dynamic duo of  Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw, this is a dark crime thriller that will blow your mind.

Number 2 – The Passengers by John Marrs – Blog Tour


Passengers is an intense ride and guaranteed to force you into some serious self reflection.  With many sub-layers of meaning and non-stop action I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down.

Number 3 – Why I Don’t Blog Negative Reviews.

download (1)

This post came about because there had been some huge backlash on Social Media regarding the lack of trust in bloggers who don’t blog negatively.  I wrote this to share my perspective and reasons.

Number 4 – After the Green Withered by Kristin Ward – Blog Tour


I loved this dystopian YA fantasy novel and was thrilled to be part of the first mammoth WriteReads blog tour.  This novel is about a time in the future where Earth’s resources have been destroyed and the currency is now water.  It’s such a fascinating concept and is well written and pacey.

Number 5 – Guest Post from Anna Lickley – Author of Senseless


This is a fantastic guest post from Anna Lickley who has penned a brilliant piece about the highs and lows of writing her novel Senseless.


If you haven’t read any of these posts why not pop along and check them out.  Let me know your thoughts.

Look out for my favourite books of 2019 so far.







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