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Today I am excited to be sharing an extract from The Jumble Sale, a children’s book by Lily Rose.




Zadi is part zombie, part fairy with a little bit of robot, which makes her a misfit monster. She lives with other misfit monsters, with their quirky parts in their makeshift town. They survive by hunting at the nearby hunting grounds taking items discarded by humans and making them into something useful. Hunting is risky because they could be captured by humans. Zadi is an excellent hunter and maker, but now she’s finding it difficult.

Something unusual has happened. There have been no new deliveries to the hunting grounds. This means there are no new items which can be used to recycle into something useful, and they are beginning to worry and fight with each other.

Can Zadi come up with a plan which will help the misfit monsters and bring them together as a community?

Enter the world of the misfit monsters, their quirky lives, and be part of their fun and adventures.

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Zadi, part zombie, part fairy, with a little bit of robot had a cunning plan to get to the hunting grounds this morning. But things haven’t gone to plan. She wanted to go alone, but now Tamra is with her, and a few other misfit monsters, and they’ve just been discovered by the Mayor and are about to get into trouble.


“Run,” yelled Zadi, as she shoved her contraption into her bag, and hobbled away from the gate.

Terant easily overtook her with his long giant legs, and Pie was quick. Tamra screamed as he ran ahead. Mon kept pace with Zadi as they hurried over the plains which separated their town to the hunting grounds.

Zadi could feel her fairy heart pumping hard as she ran. Her robot legs were becoming tired, and her zombie lungs were struggling to keep her body oxygenated. There was going to be consequences when they got back, and she wasn’t looking forward to them.

She had Tamra to blame.

And the others.

Zadi forced herself to keep moving. Her fear changed from being caught by Ori to being captured by a human.

She could see the bits of discarded items ahead. Rubbish bags, some split open with boxes, containers, big and small, spilling out on to the ground along with food scraps. The odor of potential eased the stress coursing through her body, just a little. The smell of the hunting grounds never really bothered her or the other misfit monsters. They cleaned up all right later, and it was all part of the hunting—the smell and rummaging through the bits and pieces left by humans.

Zadi pushed herself a little harder. Some of the rubbish had scattered from the piles, and she couldn’t help herself pausing to see if there was anything worth picking up. There wasn’t. She wasn’t surprised. The others had run past and would’ve taken anything that had some potential use to bring back to the town. It also suggested there hadn’t been any new deliveries which caused all her parts to worry.

That prompted her memory—she needed to remind the others that they needed to hide so when the other monsters arrived, it wasn’t obvious they were already there. There was a slim chance Ori hadn’t exactly seen them at the gate, and if they kept out of sight maybe they could get away with it. It wasn’t going to be easy, because Ori would have a bee in his magic to find out what was going on at the gate. But Zadi reasoned he would calm down in a day or so, and if she found a few items today then she could hide away in her home making the necessary adjustments. That was if she found anything today. The worry nearly overloaded her systems.

She eyed the high towers of rubbish that were many feet high around her. Her breath hard, she slowed to a shuffle, moving deeper into the grounds, weaving between narrow gaps, wanting to feel a little safer surrounded by the discarded objects.

Will there be anything new today?

She hoped so. That would be the only thing that could turn around this horrible start to the day. If there hadn’t been any deliveries, she didn’t dare want to think what the consequences would be for her.

“What took you so long?”

Zadi jumped with surprise then relaxed seeing Tamra coming out from behind the rusted oven. Zadi dropped her hessian bag on the ground and bent over, hands on her legs trying to catch her breath. “I thought you said you told no one.”

“I didn’t,” Tamra answered defiantly.

“Hey Tamra, where have you been? We came looking for you like you said.” Terant was barely out of breath.

“Oh…” Tamra’s face went red. “Well, I just mentioned that it might be a good idea to get to the hunting grounds before anyone else.”

“And that would be the only way to get a chance of finding anything of value. I can’t believe how hard it’s been finding useful objects. The Carpenter said he couldn’t remember a time like this for over twenty years. Ori thinks it’s a bit longer,” said Pie, who was very much a chatterbox.

“It’s going to be fun times ahead thanks to you lot. I hate being shut in the blender,” grumbled Zadi. “We should make sure that we hide—”

“Don’t worry, Zadi,” interrupted Tamra. “It will all work out. Besides we’ve got the grounds all to ourselves before the others arrive.”

This hadn’t been the head start that Zadi had planned for this morning.

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Author Bio – Lily Rose

Lily Rose enjoys world building and creating characters for these unusual worlds. She enjoyed creating the misfit monsters world, and is looking forward to writing more of their adventures.

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