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A huge thank you to Lena Mistry and for a copy of this guide in return for an honest and unbiased review.



Culture Smart! Sri Lanka outlines this fascinating island-nation’s rich and complex history, and reveals the forces that have shaped its sensibility and development over the years. It guides you through the beliefs, attitudes, and customs of the people you will meet, and gives practical advice on how best to proceed in unfamiliar situations.

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, this resource-rich, lovely island just off the southern tip of India is full of contrast and diversity. Despite the lingering tension between the different religious and ethnic groups in the wake of a bloody civil war, and the glaring inequality between the wealthy elite and rural villagers, all Sri Lankans share a great respect for family, home, and friendship, and pride in their beautiful country. In return, politeness, respect, and a genuine attempt to understand their culture, and acceptance of their relaxed pace of life, are key to gaining their acceptance.

Whether you come for business or for pleasure, Culture Smart! Sri Lanka is the ideal travel companion. By offering insights into Sri Lankan daily life, at home and in the workplace, and describing what Sri Lankans enjoy and how they interact socially, it will greatly enrich your experience among this resilient, welcoming people.


Book Details:

    • ISBN: 9781857338850
    • Format: Paperback
    • Page count: 168
    • Dimensions: 171 x 108 x 13mm
    • Published at: £7.99 / $11.99 / CAN $15.99

My Thoughts

Today I bring to you something a little different than my usual review.  I am reviewing the Culture Smart Guide to the essential customs and culture of Sri-Lanka.

When I was asked to select which guide to review I instantly decided upon the guide to Sri-Lanka as it is a place I visited back in 2013 and it’s a country that is steeped in history and culture.  After reading this guide I can only say I wish I’d had it when I was there as there is nothing left out of this guide.  This is not your usual guide as in it doesn’t heavily rely on recommending places to see and things to do (there is a section for this) but rather, it gives you in-depth knowledge of the historical and cultural aspects of the country.

The guide is split into easy to locate chapters that are all filled with comprehensive knowledge, facts and information presented in a variety of ways including; photographs, maps, charts and text.  The index makes it easy to locate very specific information.

The next time I go travelling I will be reaching for a culture smart guide beforehand.  it’s an essential and fascinating guide for any traveller or geography lover.

Author Bio – Emma Boyle


Emma Boyle has lived in Sri Lanka since 2003. As a freelance travel writer, she has travelled extensively around Sri Lanka and written numerous features on a range of subjects from destinations and activities to food and lifestyle. Her knowledge on Sri Lanka is second to none. Her travel writing has also taken her throughout Asia and Australia. Emma is the co-author of a number of Rough Guides titles including Sri Lanka, Cambodia, India, South East Asia and Australia, and her work has been featured in The Guardian, Destinations of the World News, The Sunday Times travel magazine, Open Skies, Going Places, Get Lost and High Life. Emma is an experienced hotel and villa reviewer, and has written reviews for Mr and Mrs Smith, and Elite Havens, and is a Telegraph Travel hotel expert. Emma also works with The Sri Lanka Collection, a representation company that represents boutique hotels in Sri Lanka to the UK travel trade and media. Emma also works as a copywriter and occasional photographer.


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