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Thank You to Panther Publishing and J.S. Strange for an ARC copy of this novel to read and review with honesty.

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My Thoughts

One of the biggest pleasures I get from being a book blogger is discovering new authors and publishers so I replied eagerly when I saw a tweet from Panther publishing on the lookout for reviews for a new Welsh Crime series Murder on the Rocks.

Private Investigator Jordan Jenner is returning to work after compassionate leave to grieve over the death of his estranged mother.  His first case back – the poisoning of a much hated writer takes him by surprise when he realises that his mother may have been involved with the victim at some point.  Can Jordan remain focussed enough to solve the murder?

I would definitely put this in the cosy mystery genre as there is little gore and focus on the actual murder itself  but it doesn’t have the light-heartedness and casual nature that you tend to find in a cosy mystery.  Instead, it mixed classic ‘who dun it?’ style writing using an abundance of suspects with a slightly darker and grittier feel to it which I really enjoyed.

Short chapters mean that this book is easy to pick up and put down if you don’t have big time slots for reading and they also keep the story flowing at a good pace.  There was never a point where I felt too much information was given or an event went on for too long.

As with most cosy mysteries, there is a large cast of characters, many of whom are suspects at your opinion of who the murderer is changes at regular points during the story.  I love nothing more than been thrown red herrings to put me off the real scent and to constantly have to change my opinion and thoughts as new evidence is thrown into light along the way.  Murder on the Rocks does this really well and up until the murderer is revealed,  you really don’t know who it is (unless you have a sharp mind – which I don’t).

I really enjoyed the character of Jordan Jenner in his first outing.  It’s fabulous to see gay characters being represented in more literature and I love the way Jordan is written.  He is a very focussed and clever character and every so often you catch a glimpse of a more humourous or affectionate side – usually with Oscar the cat.  This is an aspect I’m really looking forward to seeing develop in future Jenner novels and hopefully we will see him with a happier social life.

I recommend this book for fans of cosy mysteries and crime.


 Author Bio

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Jack Strange – pen name J.S. Strange – is a Welsh author, who writes fiction. His up-coming mystery novel, ‘Murder on the Rocks’, will be released on the 1st March 2019 with Panther Publishing.

In 2016 and 2017, Jack published ‘Winter Smith: London’s Burning’ and ‘Winter Smith: The Secrets of France’, two novels that were set in an apocalyptic London.

Murder on the Rocks is Strange’s next novel, featuring a leading gay male private investigator, set in Wales. The murder mystery will be released on the 1st March 2019.

You can reach Jack on twitter: @JackSamStrange



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