Color My Life Digital Planner – Review

Thank you to Color My Life for a copy of this planner in exchange for an honest review.  This post is not paid and does not contain affiliate links.

*Images taken from product website*

Try as I may, my organisation skills leave a lot to be desired.  It’s not that I’m disorganised, it’s just you can often find me buried underneath lists, pieces of paper, notes written on the back of old envelopes and reminders in my phone.  Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time blogging, particularly for book tours and scheduling posts and keeping myself from double booking has proven to be quite difficult so you can imagine I jumped at the chance to trial and review the COLOR MY LIFE digital planner.

The Color My Life Planner

The digital planner is available for use with PDF for Goodnotes and Notability or PDF Annotator.  I used it on a Microsoft Surface Pro.  It costs $16.60 + taxes or approximately £13.  You can follow the Etsy link or product website to purchase this planner.

This planner is like having everything I need in one place.


Imagine a calendar, planner and filofax all rolled into one.

How many times have you gone to buy a planner/diary and spent ages looking through them as they never seem to hit the mark?  I believe this planner can solve that.  However you work, whatever your needs are, there are pages for you in this planner.

A monthly overview allows you to see at a glance appointments, work schedules and important events without the stress of flicking through pages so you never double book again.



The weekly overview is perfect for organising yourself at a glance.  The Colored bands can be used for each person in the house or for categories such as phone calls, jobs, meals etc and it’s all there on one page for a quick reminder.

A more detailed daily planner is available to track everything at your fingertips.   It allows you to priorities your workload and tasks and even supports simple tracking of health and fitness.


If you are planning a project, setting goals or just have a lot of tasks to complete then there are even sections to help you organise those aspects of your life.

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The Color My Life planner has everything you could possibly need to organise work, social and family life for everyone in the household.  As it works on a variety of devices, it is portable and there at the touch of your fingertips.





  1. I’d never considered it before but I definitely like the idea of a digital planner more than a physical one as I seem to never remember to have it with me/fill it in (this also looks so pretty). Thanks for the suggestion! Xx

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