Why I Don’t Blog Negative Reviews.

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I’ve had this post sitting part finished in my drafts since before Christmas but felt after recent debates on Twitter, I wanted to chip in with my thoughts.  It’s a debate/discussion I’ve seen around for quite a while and I must admit, it’s becoming quite heated.  Many book bloggers are arguing that a reviewer with no negative reviews cannot be trusted as they will give good reviews to everything.  Here’s why this isn’t always the case.

When I started my blog I wanted a platform to write and for my writing to be read.  It was something that I enjoyed doing and it was my happy place and below are the reasons you won’t find a negative review on my blog:

When selecting books to read and review, my intuition is strong. Rarely will I select a book that I’d give below 3 stars to.  However, I am fully aware that I have personal reading preferences which heavily influence my opinion.  Is it fair I inflict a poor review onto an author because of my own preferences?   To me, that seems unfair – even if my review is of little significance.  Art is interpretive and objective.  Art is not meant to always invoke a positive reaction in people.  Literature is the same.  Some books will push people further than they want to be pushed, some will not appeal, some will shock but not every book will give us all the warm fuzzies or the almighty twist that excites.

My blog is my happy place.  I’m not saying everything I write about is happy but if it’s not then I am discussing my own feelings and experiences with life.  Reading is my passion and I don’t want to turn it into something negative.  I’ve never claimed to love every book I read, but I will only use my limited time to write a blog post about the ones I want to spread the love for.  I don’t want to spread negative thoughts via my blog – people can decide for themselves.

Just because I don’t blog negative reviews it doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to give one where due.  I might not spend my time writing a complete blog post about a book that didn’t hit the spot but I’m more than happy to add a review with constructive reasons  for my dislike on Amazon, Goodreads or NetGalley.

Alternatively, if you do blog negative reviews then I have no issue with that.  There is a place for them, it’s just personal to me that I choose not to have them on my blog.

Whatever, however you blog your reviews – it’s your blog.  But, please be respectful that this holds for other bloggers.  Just be kind guys!





  1. As long as you’re respectful of the fact that a book you dislike might be loved by someone else, and that the writer worked very hard to produce that book, and you offer constructive criticism and explain what bothered you, there’s no reason why a negative review couldn’t be welcome in a happy place like this blog! (Whew! That was a long sentence. Sorry. That’s why I review books, not write them!)

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    • I agree and with books I enjoyed but found flaws in I would do that. I’m pretty sure an author does not expect 100 percent positive feedback wither. I think a lot of it that I just wouldn’t want to use my time to write them. I do agree about remaining repectful and mindful when offereing negative feedback.
      Thank you for popping by.


  2. Interesting post, and as you say this is currently a real topic for discussion. The vast majority of the reviews I post are positive, and I really enjoy writing them and being able to eulogise about a book. I do occasionally post negative reviews, but never with very strong criticism.

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  3. I love that you don’t post negative comments as everyone is different when I reviews something if it’s not quite up to par I contact the company first and inform. Them of my issues

    They are always willing to take on board feeding if you don’t pash them


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    • To be honest I’ve yet to come across a book I didn’t like since I started blogging so I haven’t been in that position. If I had z few niggles I’d help your those in but If I was struggling to write anything nice I’d leave a review. If it was an ARC or a tour of contact the host too and explain privately.

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  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t think it’s ever been my intention to blog negative reviews. I’ll be honest I haven’t read a book that I haven’t disliked in a while. But my blog I’m proud of, they are all honest reviews but I just tend to read books that make me happy and review books on my blog that is like you my happy place. What’s wrong with that?

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  5. Although I haven’t followed the discussion I totally agree with you.

    I myself don’t review books I have nothing good to say about – it takes time to create a blog post and like you, I prefer to keep my blog a happy place.

    As always well written, dear.

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  6. It’s certainly an interesting topic and one that everyone has an opinion on. I review every book I read. Sometimes I take a gamble on the books I choose, and if I don’t like them then I’ll write negative reviews. However, I will always give reasons. I also find it helpful as an aspiring author to constructively criticise others’ writing to gain inspiration for my own writing. I totally understand why bloggers wouldn’t want to do negative reviews though.

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  7. Great post. I agree with you. As a writer, I have been lucky to know some wonderful book bloggers who would rather NOT read a book than give it a bad review. As a reader, I can go to my favourite book blog to find my next read knowing that I don’t need to trawl through one-star reviews before finding a book that appeals to me.

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    • I only blog what I’d recommend and I always try to add- if you like…..you’ll enjoy this ….to give people an idea.
      Somebody will always dislike a book and they have a right to blog about it. I’m not against posting a negative review on Amazon etc. I just want to keep my blog for books I recommend.
      Thanks for reading


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