Why I’m giving Audio Books a try!


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For a long time I’ve refused to try audio books.  I’m not a fan of being read to by someone else and I read quite quickly so I always felt audio books were not for me.

There are many great bloggers out there but if you are looking for inspiration for audio books I strongly suggest checking out Eline’s blog here.  Reading Eline’s blog began to make me curious about audio books and with the audible Amazon subscription giving you a month’s free trial with no obligation, it seemed like the perfect time to try.  The more I’ve read about it and looked into it, the more reasons I’ve discovered to try one.

My reading schedule is getting very heavy.  By listening to an audio version I can maximise time in the car or when doing other things and listen to a book at the same time.  Great for long or impromptu journeys.

I’m currently on adoption leave from work and with both children at school all day, it means the majority of housework etc. needs to be done by me.  I found myself spending so much time reading that the day flew by and I wasn’t always getting much done.  An audio book allows me to multi-task and I actually enjoyed ironing yesterday for the first time ever.

You don’t need the subscription but for £8 a month you can subscribe to Audible via Amazon.  You get a free credit every month and can use this to buy any audio book.  I strongly recommend that you buy an audio book with a value of greater than the £8.  This is great as many cost from £10 to £18 so you save quite a lot. You can also purchase others during the months and there are deals and reductions.

If you have purchased Kindle versions of books previously, you can upgrade these to the audio version for a charge.  Many of the books I have already purchased incur a charge of around £2.99 which is great.  It’s worth checking before buying as sometimes it may be cheaper to buy the Kindle version and upgrade rather than the audio version.   This is a great way for me to get my TBR pile down a little.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used the library but I was delighted to discover you can borrow e-books and audio books online from them.  I don’t even need to leave the house as long as I am a member.  This is agreat way to keep my audio pile topped up without breaking the bank.  There isn’t always a huge range but it is big enough to provide me with reading material for a while.

The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven is one of my tours this month and despite having an ARC copy, I used my credit to purchase this.  It’s narrated very well by John Banks and it’s so easy to listen and get lost in the story.  I’m two hours in already just listening whilst driving around and ironing (not at the same time).  I have to say that I’m so pleased to have discovered them.

Are you a fan of audio books?  Has this post given you a little inspiration to give them a try?  Let me know in the comments.




  1. I can’t live without my audio books now, in fact, I’ve not read many ‘real’ or kindle books since joining audible. I love how I can get on with things while still listening, including the ironing 🙂 I’ve also found that I prefer to be ‘read’ to in an Irish accent! A lot of Cecelia Ahern books are in Irish and I love them. If not Irish then I do prefer English to American. It’s great that Audible gives you a review of the narrator to listen to before you buy.

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  2. I have tried audio books, but had to give up. I’m that kind of reader, when it’s exciting I totally focus and sometimes re-read the lines to catch suttle things (just as my aspie brain doesn’t always catch the social details IRL, it equally struggles in books). On the other hand, the boring parts or parts where I don’t care for the character, I skim.
    My problem is that when bored my mind drifts. Had the same issue at school. So those boring passages on audio turns into my mind on it’s own adventure – not necessarily tuning back in when the fun re-emerges… so the audios I have tried, I had to give up. I simply couldn’t recall the storyline if my life depended on it! And you don’t get that “new book smell” either, and the sound when you crack the back the first time 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    My Lady is a fast reader too and has done multiple audios and she – contrary to me – loves it, because of the possible multi tasking. But she is kinda picky with the narrator. 😊


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    • I do prefer traditional reading as it’s quicker and I don’t process audio as easily as visual stuff. I doubt it will take over but it good to be more productive and read at the same time.
      I’m also not sure if every book/genre will work for me.

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  3. I love audio books! I started listening to them when I was doing my English degree a few years ago as there was so much reading to do and not enough hours in the day so I began listening to some of the books as I drove there and back home each day. Nowadays I listen while doing my physiotherapy and when I’m doing housework. I wouldn’t be without audio books. I hope you keep enjoying your current listen. 🙂

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  4. Audiobooks can be fantastic. I love them when I am doing housework. I have a little amazon echo dot in the kitchen so I can voice control it too, which is awesome when you are multi-tasking. I am VERY picky when it comes to narrators so I always listen to the samples before purchasing. Some of my favourites are Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, The Dresden Files series, which are narrated by James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) and Harry Potter as Stephen Fry is a wonderful narrator. I’m really pleased that you have been enjoying the audiobook experience!

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  5. I’ve never given audio books a try because like you, I’m a fast reader and find it hard to concentrate when someone else is reading. But you’ve definitely given me food for thought and made me think about giving audio books a chance! Great post 😊 x

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  6. I love listening to audiobooks. Whenever I’m in a reading slump or when I really can’t fit reading into my schedule, I always go for it. I can be picky with what to listen because not all audiobooks are appealing to listen. It all depends on the sorry and the one who is narrating the story. The way they read out loud is how you can have a great experience. Love your post!

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  7. Great post!!!! I only just started listening to audiobooks (also because of the wonderful Eline) and I am really enjoying them! Some can be a bit hit and miss – but I love listening to the narration, I have found, because it sometimes feels like that characters are talking to me and I love that feeling haha.

    Absolutely love the post! xxx

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  8. I’m obsessed with audiobooks lately. It’s so easy to get lost in the story and a great way to multitask. I often listen to one while cleaning or tidying though it happens quite frequently that I catch myself standing in the middle of my room doing nothing expect listening intently when the story get intense 😅
    And I agree, Eline’s blog is great for audiobook recs (and in general of course ^^)

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  9. I love audio-books! But I’ve always loved being read to. Like you, I listen to a lot of audio-books while I’m doing other things – driving, cleaning, etc. It has helped me learn more and accomplish more during the day! Audible offers some sweet deals from time to time – but Kindle Unlimited subscription has some books available that also come with the audible version – so you can read AND listen when it suits you. Also, I’ve turned on the “text to speech” feature on my kindle so it will read to me when I don’t want to buy the audible version. Sure, it’s kind of a “computer” voice – but the technology has come so far that it’s really not that noticeable when you’re focused on a great story!

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  10. I never thought I would enjoy audio books – thought for certain I would lose my train of thought and focus back in 3 chapters later. Treating them as white noise. However, my kids, love them. We all started as a way not to fight over the radio. Then, it captivated us on long road trips. Now I do it too! I am in the midst of the lovely and brilliant Michelle Obama, reading me her personal story, Becoming. Love it! #mixitup

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  11. My TBR list has grown nearly out of control. I recently listened to one on audiobook because I was so busy I wouldn’t have been able to read that day. It’s not my favorite way because I don’t retain information as well, but it’s certainly useful at times. Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Found this post through The Write Reads Tweet. 🙂

    I’m a fairly recent Audible convert too: I now love listening to an ebook, it’s like a BBC Radio 4 play. As long as the narrator is good but as you can return any audios you buy (or use your credit to buy), there’s nothing to lose!

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