Tell The Truth – by Amanda Brittany – *****Blog Tour*****


Thank You to NetGalley, HQ Digital and Amanda Brittany for a digital copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

Synopsis (Taken from NetGalley)


Or they’ll tell it for you…

Rachel’s childhood is a mess of fragmented memories, and her adult life is no less chaotic.

Her mother and daughter were her only concrete links to the past and now they are slipping through her fingers. Fuelled by the fear of losing them both, she delves into her mother’s past, fast becoming entangled in her own tragic history.

With eerie friend requests filling Rachel’s phone and shocking flashbacks filling her mind, she is plagued by her mother’s past, and soon realises that her entire life might just be a lie.

Will she ever discover the truth?

From the bestselling author of HER LAST LIE comes a chilling new thriller you won’t want to miss! It will have you questioning your own relationships and doubting if everyone in your life is who they say they are.

Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and He Said / She Said.

My Review

Before I was asked to join the blog tour, I had already been approved for this book on NetGalley.  The eye-catching, sinister cover had already grabbed my attention.

The story moves through two arcs in two times.

In the past we meet Laura, a scorned and pregnant young lady left alone in an isolated farmhouse in Ireland.  Once the baby is born (Rachel), we see Laura struggle with her mental health and also with Rachel’s unusual and concerning behaviours.  Her only ‘friends’ are a nearby family with their own issues to deal with.

Jump to the present and we follow an adult Rachel, who has been left by her long-term partner and has a four-year old daughter to care for.  Rachel’s mother is now in a nursing home and is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Despite not knowing her father, Rachel has a happy memories of her childhood and her time with her mother until some strange calls and Facebook messages begin to trigger disjointed and haunting memories confusing Rachel, who now finds herself confused unsure of what is real.

Following clues from the messages and digging into her past, Rachel begins to uncover things that contradict the beautiful memories of her childhood.  In addition to this, the messages and calls become more and more sinister and frightening and Rachel has nobody to turn to.  Can Rachel find out the truth?  And, does Rachel really want the truth?

This story is told at a really good pace and moves fluidly between the two storylines.  Amanda does a fantastic job of making every character look suspicious and devious, including Rachel herself.  There are several surprising twists and turns throughout the story and although some are easier predicted than others, they still make for a thrilling and entertaining story where you have no idea who is genuine and who has an ulterior motive.

I highly recommend this books if you are fans of C.L.Taylor, Clare Macintosh and other suspense/thriller novels.

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