My Upcoming Blog Tours – January


Here’s a preview of the books that I’m on the blog tours for in January 2019.  Keep an eye out for the reviews.





Have your read any of these?

Are you on any of the tours too?

Are there any of these that you are looking forward to?

Let me know in the comments.



  1. Haven’t read any of these but there is a few I curious about. Puppet show and Shadow of Regrets.
    I am also curious about what blog tour is..? 🙈
    I am currently reading the David Lynch biography and sneak peaking through a book (Danish) about female strong leaders that were the first to lead in their field.

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    • I’ve sent you a DM on Twitter.
      A blog tour is just where an organiser will schedule a lot of bloggers to review the book. It often supports a new release.
      Its just a review but you are given a specific date and there’s a little bit of promoting x

      I’ve been meaning to watch Twin Peaks forever. I’ve seen Lost Highways. David Lynch is very interesting.
      The book about female first sounds fascinating xccc

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