Amazing Gifts for the Harry Potter Fan in Your Life

I think most of my regular readers know how much I adore the world of Harry Potter and I think either everyone on the planet either is, or knows a Harry Potter fan.  So, I’ve created a gift guide that will please even the most awkward of Potter-heads. I have tried to include a range of gift ideas in varying prices to suit all budgets and needs. I’ve also tried to find things that are not seen in lots of shops and you man not have come across.

All the websites that I have used have a huge variety of Harry Potter merchandise and are definitely worth a browse before you chose your style.

Happy Shopping!



Harry Potter clothing is plentiful and readily available in most high street stores and supermarket chains in the UK  so I decided to include things that I hadn’t seen before.


Left to right –

Phoenix T-shirt – £19.99

Griffindor School Jersey – £32.99



Deathly Hallows Coat – £99.99

Marauder’s Map High Tops – £23.99 (currently reduced from £41.99)


Food and Drink


Harry Potter Sweet Hamper – £19.99




Luna Lovegood Spectacle Necklace – £12.00

Deathly Hallows Watch – £32.99




Sorting Hat Bath and Body Set – £20.50

ButteredBeer lip balm – £4.00




Platform 9 and 3/4 Lamp – £6.99

Colour Changing Potions Lamp – £19.99


Hogwarts Colour Change Glass  £8.99

Hermione Grainger’s Yule Ball Dress – Tree Decoration – £17.00


Other items

Hogwarts Lego – £94.95

Wizarding World Lootcrate Subscription – From £39 per create


bookending winter




47 thoughts on “Amazing Gifts for the Harry Potter Fan in Your Life

      1. I got one for my 40th and forgot to cancel so it keeps renewing for 3 months – Ha! You always get an exclusive clothing item, the last being a bag and several other merchandise – often exclusive. They can be late and take ages to ship over to the UK but they’re worth it.

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      1. LOL Me too, for real. I sleep way too much and time just seems to go by far too fast. My friend and I were once reading about this conspiracy theory that sometimes time goes faster and sometimes slower. Like November flew by for like, everyone that I knew, but October seemed way longer. I’m not sure if it’s a real thing or not, but sometimes it definitely feels real.

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